Monday, 30 April 2012

Currently Coveting: London Loves LA

Post Coachella and California come down I have become absolutely obsessed with anything to do with either, from street style snaps, constantly flipping through my own holiday snaps to finding other bloggers who live there or went to Coachella.

Picking up the new issue of Company magazine I did not expect to find a London based brand who specifically go to LA twice a year, one at the time of Coachella, to source vintage clothes for their online store. An amazing idea, I too spent far too much money while in California and could have spent a whole heap more given the baggage (and bank) allowance. 

London Loves LA was set up by sisters Ella and Sophie Berman who regularly visited LA to see family when they realised how different the LA vintage scene is. In LA I saw shop after shop on Melrose filled with the rare gems you might find at Beyond Retro but at a fraction of the price and with a lot more variety (think a vintage shop the size of one floor of Topshop Oxford Circus and you get the idea). There also have thrift and neighbourhood stores too where the prices are even lower, around $8 for a dress and $4 for a shirt, although a lot more rummaging is required. 

The Company article also includes a little 'where to go' feature which I wish I had of seen a two weeks ago while I was in LA but you know, Coachella 2013 and all that. I really love the cheeky side of the London Loves LA brand and the website has some seriously cute pieces, I can't wait to see the new bits they put up on their return this time around,

Check out the London Loves LA WebsiteBlog and Shop

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  1. Ah such gorgeous clothes, that would be an amazing job to have sourcing gorgeous clothes AND getting the pleasure of doing it in America a couple of times a year.