Saturday, 14 April 2012

Coachella Playlist: Friday

This is possibly a bit of a self indulgent idea, however I thought as somebody who considers themselves a music journalist, it might be fun to do a playlist of sorts for Coachella. I don't think I have ever seen a line up for a festival which has gotten me so excited, so instead of posting a million You Tube videos I will instead select three bands from each band I certainly will not be missing.

Each day I will do a post with the three bands I want to see most from that day. However if you are a massive music fan like me you can watch most of the live sets on the various Coachella You Tube channels. Last year I set an alarm for 5am to watch The Strokes headline, yup - only for Julian!

Friday is the first day of Coachella and they have really gone for an introducing vibe with Yuck, Girls and Abe Vigoda all playing to an excited crowd. Also on the bill are Pulp who I have recently really gotten into and The Black Keys who I saw earlier in the year and cannot wait to dance to again.

The Arctic Monkeys

Oh where to even begin? The only time I have seen the Arctic Monkeys was years ago on the NME Awards Tour in Southampton. At the time Maixmo Park were headlining above them but even then they made them seen like a warm down act rather than a headliner. I remember when I worked at Tesco (oh the glamour) and bought their first album on my lunch break, I became obsessed and had it on repeat for months. Since then my love has only grown and grown, I cannot wait to see how they have developed live since those astonishing beginnings.


It makes me laugh that the Coachella line up this year is so much of a British invasion, including one of the most English bands ever. When I say 'English' I speak of all the traditions we hold that come across so well in Madness's music. I saw them last year at Reading Festival and they were easily one of my favourite acts of the weekend. I cannot wait to do some more skanking in a, albeit grassier, field with a pint in my hand singing out to lyrics that remind me of being a kid.

The Horrors

What a long way The Horrors have come, from one of the most ridiculed and gimmicky bands I have ever witnessed to the most praised and promising young act. I missed out twice on seeing The Horrors last year after being dragged to see Beady Eye (against my will) at Reading Festival and at XFM Winter Wonderland when Faris thought a sore throat was a good enough reason to not play (I had tonsillitis and still enjoyed the evening far too much). I don't know what it is about their song 'Still Life' but every single time I hear it I feel reset. It might sound silly but I think hearing this song live will be one of my ultimate California moments.

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  1. SISTA i cannot WAIT to hear all about it!! xxxx