Thursday, 1 March 2012

Satisfaction feels like a distant memory

Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Cream Knit Jumper - Charity Shop
Pink Shirt - Vintage
Leggings - H&M
Zebra Print Socks - Forever 21
Thick Sole Pumps - H&M

I thought I would try out a different look yesterday. I finally bought the flatforms of my dreams and have been wearing them everyday since as I am completely in love with them. I have been so bored of my Russell & Bromley's and these are about as far away from patent loafers as you can get in the everyday shoe world. I also am not one for wearing just leggings and a top but tried it out at work and got told I look nice twice so I guess it worked out alright? Excuse the strange grey streak in my hair, I am not actually going grey, I just didn't rub in my dry shampoo enough, oh the glamour!

This week I bowed out of my internship in favour of picking up a LOT of extra hours at work. Usually I would scorn such behaviour however I really need the money for when I go to California and this is the only way it is going to happen. I am still writing though, I interview Django Django on Monday and am having a few more pieces go up on the 1883 Magazine website soon too. I should be meeting Josh Beech on Monday as I interviewing him too for the magazine. Sick with excitement, he is the ultimate dream boat!

I also put down my first payment for my Bestival ticket this year. I went last year and it blows all other festivals I have attended before out of the water. If your thinking of going, do it! Who else has heard the new Arctic Monkeys track 'R U Mine'? It is so sexy I have had in on repeat for days, full on Alex Turned swoon.

Hope you have all got a good weekend planned?

R x


  1. love this outfit! the shoes look cool ;) x

  2. Fun outfits! Love the white sweater :) you look cute and comfy. Wanna dress me? :P

  3. Love the pink blouse layered under the jumper! So jealous you're going to Coachella =( Contemplating Bestival as well, I'll see how my bank account looks.. x

  4. That shirt is great, it's such a nice colour and I love the sleeves, really suits you.

    All my friends are doing Bestival this year but I just don't have the money. Very sad. :( Going to have to do a bunch of the cheaper day festivals I think to stop myself going insane over the summer!

  5. Those thick sole pumps are gorgeous! and I love the colour of that shirt!! xx

  6. Great outfit. :) Pink suits you.
    And for the record, I always enjoy reading your tweets. How addictive is it?! Ha.


  7. Josh Beech? I die. I literally die.

  8. Cute outfit! I like your pink shirt and flatforms.
    I'm also super jealous of you meeting Josh Beech.

  9. love it! iv got same trainers but white ones from office. they are so comfy init?! feel so trendy when wearing them with light jeans and some colourful jumper ahh xx