Thursday, 23 February 2012

Currently Coveting: Jelly Shoes

Mint Jelly Shoes - Topshop
White Jersey Dress - Topshop
Polka Dot Hat - ASOS
Bullet Necklace - Rock N Rose
Black Leather Backpack - Topshop

A trend which has been going for a few summers now, the jelly shoe is such a fun way to add a bit of childish charm to any outfit. I think the best way to wear them are in pop bright tones to make a real statement and a splash of colour to a outfit. 

I really love the first mint coloured ones from Topshop and at £12 they are an absolute bargain, perfect for running about on the beach or out during the day. I would keep the rest of the outfit simple to go for a fresh look. I think these would look great with a black leather backpack and simple airy dress. While having a look on the Topshop website I came across these and tweeted about them to see that my friend Rosie had just had a piece published on the trend on the Mr Shoes Website. Yay for Rosie!

Pink Jelly Shoes - Office
Acid Wash Duffle Bag - Forever 21
White Triangle Necklace - ASOS
Nail Varnish - H&M
Floral Leggings - Topshop
Curved Hem Top - Topshop

These pink jelly shoes are so great, I think they would look especially good with a really bright contrasting nail polish such as this blue one. Jelly shoes also look really good with statement leggings such as these however I would tone it down with a plain t-shirt and simple jewellery.

Leopard and Chain Top - River Island
Denim Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Fringed Bag - Urban Outfitters
Friendship Bracelet Kit - Topshop
Bull Ring - Wildfox
Spike Rings - ASOS
Cross Cuff Ring - Topshop
Yellow Jelly Shoes - River Island

These yellow jelly shoes are really bright but would look so good once a summer tan has taken with denim shorts and a bright top. I bought some friendship bracelets the other day to wear as anklets, however now really want this making kit as well to design my own. This cross cuff bracelet/ring piece is so good and I think I might just have to buy it!

What do you think of jelly shoes? Are they a bit of childish fun or something that should be left in the past?

R x


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  2. OK, so that second look needs to find itself on my body now.
    Thanks for the mention sweetcheeeeeks! ;)

    Rosie x

  3. Love the mint pair. They remind me of a glittery pair I had when I was younger, that I now wish I'd never grown out of x

  4. the mint pair are gorgeous, but love the whole outfit, I have a pair of those Office ones in sparkly pink! :D x

  5. Jelly shoes were always my fave in primary school, all the "cool kids" had them! Soo comfy too. The ones you've picked are such a lovely colour :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  6. i love all these outfits...i used to have little mermaid jelly shoes so obviously i still think they're awesome :D x