Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crosses, Cats Eyes & Lace

All Forever 21 except Sunglasses - ASOS

Ahead of going to California I thought I would show you what I have bought recently in preparation. These boob tube tops are going to be my staple I think, they will be perfect for sunbathing in on the beach to avoid strap marks and great with denim shorts and a floaty top during the day or at Coachella. I also really love these cross necklaces. I originally just wanted the black one but at £1.50 each I thought it was rude to not get all three and experiment in my jewellery a bit. I usually am a gold only girl who wears a mix of gold and silver rings as I genuinely think it looks nice. The pink one is my favourite I think, got such a thing for as bright as possible pink at the moment, hi girly side! These sunnies are also my dream, they are an exact copy of the Rayban Cat Eye sunglasses I have dreamt of for years. I am still a little bit devastated that somebody stole my Rayban Wayfarers at Bestival, but have finally been able to move on. Usually I am not possessive over material things but I saved up and bought them for myself as a Christmas present 5 years ago and they have been everywhere with me, I think I was a little emotionally attached if thats even possible with a paid of sunglasses.

Anyway what has everybody been buying recently? Or have you avoided the shops with all the summer clobber?

R x


  1. I want one of those cross necklaces! So pretty. x

  2. I love F21, I've always wanted a boob tube top but don't think I'd have the confidence to wear them! Those sunglasses are lovely, such a shame someone stole your Raybans from you though! I hope you have a wonderful time in California, I'm jealous!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  3. Nice purchases, so jealous you're going to Coachella! I have made a few sneaky pastel purchases.. xx

  4. Gaaaah, I am so jealous of your sunglasses, & even more of Coachella!

    Catherine, XO.

  5. Ooh, I LOVE the bandeau with the triangles on it! You're gonna look hottttt.

    Rosie x

  6. I've just bought myself some RB wayfarers for my own birthday and would be sad if someone stole them! So jealous you're going to California! xxx