Sunday, 29 January 2012

An Update

Hello world! It has been a whole week since I last blogged, and that is mainly due to the fact that our internet has been broken for the last ten days or so. I have also been really busy and stressed out, making it impossible for me to get online, I am currently at my Brothers house stealing his internets and waiting for pizza to arrive. 

I have been working six day weeks still, half at work, half interning for GigWise. It has been going really well and I have been loving being there. On Friday I went to a recording studio in London where The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and other amazing people have recorded and interviewed Feeder, they also did an acoustic version of their new song 'Borders' for us which was amazing. It was one of those 'this is what I want to do for the rest of my life moments', now just to make that happen eh? I mentioned before I interviewed Enter Shikari, you can see the video from that here.

All this hard work has made me feel rather run down, my sleep has gone between going to bed at 9pm and sleeping for eleven hours through to barely having four hours depending on which day you speak to me. I was even asked by a girl at work when the last time I slept was, not a very nice thing to say but there we have it. Probably a good thing my internet is broken, suitcases under the eyes is not a good look. 

However I have just this week to get through and then next week I have the week off work as holiday and am going to see Tribes, a Johnny Cash Tribute band and The Black Keys. We also have some friends from Liverpool coming down to stay for the weekend so I am looking forward to that as well. 

I am hoping that our internet is going to be fixed on Tuesday and I can post properly, got a scheduled post for you tomorrow in the mean time.

For anybody interested my eBaying went very well indeed, I made £150 which is amazing. Being greedy as I am I have just put even more stuff up and will be adding even more. You can have a little look here. If you bid on anything you can live happily knowing it is all going towards paying for my trip to California and new clothes to wear while there.

R x

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  1. I love Tribes - let us know how they are! And your internship sounds amazing. So glad you're loving it!

    Emily Wears Things