Monday, 9 January 2012

Diary Of A Music Intern: 9/1/12

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Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Grey Hoodie - American Apparel
Black Scarf - Primark
Batique Print Dress - Yayer
Earrings - Topshop
Loafers - Russell & Bromley

After having a right faff last night over what to wear for my first day interning at Gigwise I ended up waking up a little bit late and grabbing my new favourite dress and the usual suspects when it comes to shoes and accessories. Speaking to the lovely Mad Elizabeth on Twitter we decided I should keep a style diary of a music intern here on The Robyn Diaries. Todays outfit was simple yet cosy as I didn't know what I would be getting up to, or where, as I have been assigned some very challenging tasks on internships before.

Today however I had an absolute ball. Firstly everybody was absolutely lovely, I have been invited out for drinks after work on Friday, and secondly I have had four pieces of work published on the Gigwise website today with a promise of doing some interviews next week. 

I started my day with two news pieces on the upcoming Amy Winehouse memorial gig (here), and on Rhianna shouting her mouth off (here). Just before lunch I did a blog post on what utter mainstream crap the Brit Awards are (here) before spending the afternoon with the so very taxing task of picking the top 10 single men of 2012 (here). I also wrote up a piece on the album which changed my life just before heading home but it is yet to go live on the site.

As you might be able to guess I have had an absolutely amazing day and cannot wait to go back on Wednesday to spend time doing the one thing I love most in the world; writing.

R x


  1. SO thats what a music intern wears, heheh you look super cute. love the dress! glad it's going well, just gonna have a look over the links now x

  2. Oh wow sounds like it is going amazingly well! So pleased for you! Loving the dress, the patterns amazing!

  3. Love that dress! Sounds like such a fun internship x

  4. as a music intern, can you suggest a decent pair of headphones to buy? off to nyc in feb and their on my to-buy list, only im not too familiar with the amount of brand names out there.

  5. Love the dress, and congrats on your first day, hope it opens lots of doors for you!

    Penny x

  6. love the dress and of course the R&B loafers. Sounds like it's going swimmingly, it's great you're getting to write and not just making the tea! xo

  7. LOVE the outfit, esp. the dress! job sounds ace, good for you!! xxxx

  8. Wow, loved you blog! Amazing posts!

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