Monday, 16 January 2012

Diary Of A Music Intern: 10/1/12 - 16/1/12

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Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Grey Hoodie - American Apparel
Polkadot Dress - Topshop
R Ring - Topshop
Peache & Cross Rings - ASOS
Burgundy Boots - Topshop

The last week has been so hectic, if I am not interning I am working and if I am not doing either of these things I am probably asleep. This week despite working six days I also managed to go for drinks both with my work gang and with people from my internship. I also went home to Hampshire for the day yesterday for Nandos and to see Mission Impossible 3 with my family for my Brothers birthday. As you might imagine this didn't leave a lot of room for blogging, this week should be a bit quieter though.


Arriving into the office I was told that I was to do a video interview with upcoming band Dry The River at 5pm and had to prepare questions for the band. I absolutely love interviewing people so was really happy to get the chance to do so on my second day interning for GigWise. I also wrote a news story on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (here) and created a gallery on the most famous ex's of the music industry (here).


After my success on Monday predicting who might be nominated for this years Brit Awards I was asked to do another piece on what I thought of the nominations, which wasn't a lot (here) I also came up with ten possible headliners for Glastonbury 2013, as they have already been confirmed but not announced (here). Later on I was also told I would be doing another video interview on Monday with Enter Shikari so spent my afternoon researching the band.


Today was a really good day. In the morning I compiled a list of Music Top 15 Druggiest Albums (here) before heading over to Tottenham Court Road to conduct my interview with Enter Shikari. The interview went really well and the band were all lovely, which doesn't always happen! I am really looking forward to seeing the final edits of both this interview and my one last week with Dry The River. This afternoon was spent doing an album review of Tribes debut album 'Baby' which is an absolute stormer!

I am interning another two days this week again which I am really looking forward to. I also have some more writing coming up for Tantrum Magazine, 55pages Magazine and I also had an interview with the band Cave Painting published by 1883 Magazine which you can read here:

R x


  1. Wow, you've been a seriously busy bee!
    Seriously impressed,

    Rosie x

  2. Hope the Chilis don't move back they're UK dates. We've got tickets to see them at Knebworth! Also loving your denim jacket. I need to get one myself as I always end up stealing Tony's x

  3. Ah, that sounds so fun! I have my first internship coming up in a couple of weeks - it won't be nearly as interesting as yours, i am sure to be fetching coffees and answering phones - but i'm quite excited!
    I love your rings, too. xx

  4. Wow your internship sounds amazing I can't believe you got to interview Enter Shikari! Love your boots too, I want everything in Topshop at the moment! x

  5. Hi Robyn. You may like this:

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  6. I'm so glad your music internship is going so well. I absolutely love reading your pieces - I predict big things for you! Fashion wise, I too have this dress and cannot stop wearing it. It's my go to all the time!

    Emily Wears Things