Friday, 25 February 2011

Neon Nails

Last night I went to Punk with my housemates and a few other friends. It was their 'Fuck The Fashion' night which involved free manicures. In my half intoxicated state I decided that bright green with sparkles on the little fingers was a good choice. My nails now actually glow in the dark but I think I love it, despite it being a little bit hideous. I've had a little look for other neon nails and also like these, what do you think? Nail art gone too bright?

R x

Thursday, 24 February 2011

NME Awards 2011

Last night I had one of the most surreal and brilliant evenings of my life. Virgin Music needed somebody to go and cover the NME Awards, so being a hero, I stepped forwards and offered my skills. The piece has just been published and linked through the websites front page, meaning a ridiculous amount of people are going to read the words I wrote at 2am last night when I got home for the ceremony, eep! You can read the piece here.

My nights ambition was to catch a sneaky glimpse of Alexa Chung, who I assumed would be there as Arctic Monkeys were up for an award. While queing around the side of Brixton Academy to pick up my pass my goal was achieved. A very thin, and extremely beautiful, Alexa swaned right past me. My chin must have scraped the floor at seeing one of my idols in real life and a foot away from me. Pulling my fan-girl self together I headed back up to the entrance where I saw Pixie Geldolf, who is also very pretty in real life. All press had to enter via the photo red carpet (cringe), however my future husband Simon Neil, whos beard was looking particularly ravishing, and his band Biffy Clyro were doing some press snaps.

When I made my way indoors I was greeted by a press treadmill and more famous faces then I knew what to do with. I said on Facebook that I was completely bowled over by how many people were there who I admired in one way or another. From fashion muses such as Alexa Chung to radio presenters like Jo Whiley, and others such as Noel Fielding, to musicians such as Alyson Mosshart and Juliette Lewis I couldn't have been more star struck. I stood there half way through the awards and just knew that writing about music (and fashion), and maybe one day presenting, or maybe winning an award, was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Even though I was the most insubstantial person in the room, just being there in a 'press' capacity was more than I had ever dreamed of, and is exactly what I want to spend my life doing.

All the pictures I took of the night are complete crap but I feel compelled to post them regardless. Every band that played were intense. My Chemical Romance were up first and took to the stage in a uniform of black balaclava which I thought was brilliant, however Pixie Geldolf and Nick Grimshaw, who were sat in the tables area directly behind where I was stood, did not look impressed. I don't really like My Chemical Romance, but live they were absolutely brilliant and I couldn't stop myself having a little dance. Crystal Castles absolutely ripped the face off the night playing 'Baptism', with Alice Glass throwing herself around the stage despite a broken ankle and crutches. Hurts and PJ Harvey also played before Dave Grohl took to the stage playing a collaboration with The Who's Roger Daltery. After this Foo Fighters played their new album track by track, despite it not being released until April, before launching into their most known and best loved tracks.

My Chemical Romance


Crystal Castles
PJ Harvey

My second sighting of Alexa Chung

Dave Grohl and Roger Daltrey

Foo Fighters

You can read my review, with more gossip and tit bits, here:

The awards are on Channel 4 on Saturday at 11.20pm.

R x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

PR's can Lie

Last Thursday I was very excited about what my housemates and I were told was going to be an event held by a certain huge fashion magazine. What we thought was an invaluable meet and greet, was instead a a shopping event for a brand none of us like, let alone could afford. A few too many glasses of free champagne and cute cakes later we were not so politely asked to leave as we weren't buying anything. My housemate, who got us the invites, has since emailed the PR's involved and asked them what they expected from a student blogger and her three student housemates? The event was not something we'd have gone to if we had of known what was really going to go on, especially by the quite frankly tacky brand it was supporting.

I am more than open to bloggers blagging some freebies, wether it is clothes, drinks or anything else - as long as it is something they would have been interested in before they became a blogger, and are honest with their readers about it. However I do not approve of PR's misleading people into attending their events, and then asking people to leave when you don't buy any of their tat. Ho hum, we had a right giggle anyway.. here are some snaps.

R x

Monday, 21 February 2011

I Want To Hold Your Little Hand If I Could Be So Bold


Hat - H&M
Coat - TBA
Jumper - Thrifted
Dress - Topshop
Rings - Topshop
Nail Varnish - Sephora

An outfit post, wows I haven't done one of these in a while. I did want to show you the new rings and necklace I got while in Prague, but stupidly I left them at my parents house this weekend while I was there. Another time perhaps. I have been wearing this jumper non stop since one of my housemates donated it to me, what a lovely lass!

I felt like a Russian railway child today, something which I am rather happy about. I have had this coat for nearly a year and a half and am still so happy I own it. Probably the only thing I will own by To Be Adored for a long time to come, it was a true student loan day splurge. I've been into Uni today, where I had a tutorial about my Final Major Project which is going very well so far. I don't want to tell you all what it is yet, although certain bloggers will find out as I will be sending you emails about interviews etc in the next few days. I am very excited to show you once I get started.

I've had a bit of a mare this week in my personal life, but it has all been a massive learning curve. I have never been happier than I am now, despite all the ups and downs. Tomorrow I am going to see Mystery Jets (yes again), Those Dancing Days and Devlin at Topman Ctrl as I won tickets to watch their TV programme be recorded. I am going with my good friend Ollie (hi!) and we have a fun filled day planned. On Wednesday I am actually interviewing Those Dancing Days as a part of a new writing position at Gig Wise which is all very encouraging for my freelance journalist dreams.

For now however, I am off to make chicken fajitas - Happy Monday!

R x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

London Fashion Week: Street Style

All above images Credit: Fashion 156

Above two images Credit: Pretty Portobello

With all the tweets I have to keep enduring on the exciting goings on at London Fashion Week, I thought I would do a quick street style post. I have noticed lots of mid and longer length skirts, mixed with burgundy and camel hues, a look which I absolutely adore. The outfit of the first girl is my idea of absolute perfection, with maybe a few additional layered gold necklaces and rings. I certainly will be trawling through my wardrobe to find similar items to emulate this look.

I have been very closely following what is going on while I sit at home working hard. These are my favourite looks so far, I cannot wait to see more outfits from the next few days, and more of the collections!

R x

Mystery Jets @ Shepherds Bush Empire

Published on the Virgin Music blog on 17/2/2011 here

The Mystery Jets have come an awfully long way. It has been four years since the release of their debut album ‘Making Dens’, a record which encapsulated their grass route beginnings in the confines of the ever cool Eel Pie Island. A second offering, two years later, cemented the Mystery Jets status as fully fledged indie stars. Including the ever catchy ‘Young Love’ with recent Brit Award winner Laura Marling, the Mystery Jets became a young indie band adored by many. Last summer saw the band release their third album ‘Serotonin’ which further built the bands reputation as a guitar band of both epic dance along masterpieces, and heartbreaking ballets.

Playing at Sheperds Bush Empire as a part of this years NME Awards Tour, The Mystery Jets were supported by fellow London bands Tribes and Fiction. Despite having previously acclaimed both bands in various music publications, neither stood a chance of outshining the meteoric applause The Mystery Jets enjoyed on their taking to the stage.

Opening their set with the slower and sparkling ‘Alice Springs’ a wave of sweet anticipation moved across the crowd. With a two thousand strong crowd capacity who were already hell bent on dancing and singing along to every note, The Mystery Jets toed with those already nuseling at the palms of their hands. Diving head first into a set of singles and favourites, ‘Young Love’, ‘Serotonin’ and ‘Young Love’ were unleashed with a such sharp precision and tightness that at times it was hard to find balance on the Shepards Bush Empire floor for a sea of dancing bodies.

Another triple of songs followed in the form of ‘Lady Grey’, ‘The Girl Is Gone’ and ‘Melt’. In a quieter vain the band need do little to woo. Those who were listening closely to the end of ‘Melt’ guessed that next to be unleashed was the massive ‘After Dark’. The highlight of the set, ‘After Dark’ saw much drunken singing along and wild dance moves to it’s infectious jungle disco beat.

The rest of the set followed suit with the opening sirens of ‘Hideaway’ before ‘Show Me The Light’ and ‘Two Doors Down’ were unleashed. Closing the set with a particularly stirring rendition of ‘Behind The Bunhouse’, the band returned moments later to open an encore with the scandalous ‘Flash A Hungry Smile’. Settling back into the wails of ‘Lorna Doone’ and ‘Flakes’, The Mystery Jets left a crowd with adoration in the hearts and baited breathe for the fourth album turn in their tracks.

Words by Robyn Lynch

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Day 001/
Our flight in was pretty trouble free, and we found our hostel with ease. Waking to our first day of adventures in Prague, we started with a breakfast of cherry jam toast and orange juice before finding our way into the centre of Prague. We walked for hours and hours, to the old gothic square, across one of the bridges that divides the river and up the longest set of steps to Prague castle. We then continued to walk around the small market before heading back to our hostel. We had a delicious pizza for dinner before heading out to drinks.

First stop for drinks was a place called the Beer Factory. Here we found an amazing bar where there was a set of beer taps on every table at which you poured your own pints. One of the brilliant things about Prague is that everything is so cheap. Paying £4 for four beers, we then moved on to some other drinking spots. These included the amazingly cool Propaganda, a bar and club that celebrates the Czech Republic's past in a tongue in cheek manner. After a swift drink and a chat with the lovely Mexican DJ we headed to Harley's bar. The bar had an amazing biker theme and the cocktails were amazing, and were crushed up with a baseball bat. We met a couple at Harley's from Coventry who were there on their first date, and both totally into it. I am not sure of their back story but it really warmed my heart!

Day 002/
Arriving home at 6am that morning from the previous night, Saturday was a very chilled out day. We had another potter around Prague before going for the craziest dinner I have ever had. Saima had Salmon and chips, with whipped cream, while I enjoyed garlic bread which consisted of bread.. and three garlic cloves. Our pudding was a banana sliced long ways, with a sprinkling of cocoa powder. After this magnificent feast we headed to a cocktail bar, which served the tastiest cocktails I have ever had! It had a really arty cool vibe, yet unlike similar places in London, it was really chilled and filled with friendly people.

Day 003/
On our last day we woke up early to go and check out Prague zoo. This was one of my favourite parts of the weekend as I got to see a polar bear for the first time ever. I also met a tiger, face to face, although he was behind glass he did a roar and I nearly died with joy. We also met some elephants, a seal that did some awesome tricks, penguins, a leopard and some giraffes!

For dinner I had a bamboo noodle affair which was so hot it almost blew my mouth off. Lesson learnt that if it has three chillis next to it, I cannot handle the heat. Later that day we headed back into town so Saima could get a new tattoo. I was so super jealous as I have been gagging for a new one for so long now, the time will come.

All in all we had a brilliant weekend, and I have probably missed out loads of our adventure. We did the weekend for just over £300 including flights and accommodation. The Czech Republic is so cheap in comparison to home, we ate like kings and drunk, well, too much. I would really recommend Prague as a great weekend away, if anybody wants to know places and such just let me know. I can't wait to go on my next adventure - Berlin, Budapest and Warsaw are all looking good.

R x