Sunday, 30 January 2011

Role Your Soul Through Every Open Door

Jacket - H&M (old)
Top - Thrifted
Necklace - Orelia
Shorts - Topshop

This is what I wore today for a little look around Brick Lane and a delicious lunch at The Diner. A brilliant restaurant with a real 1950s vibe, I had a yummy cheese burger with fries which I am still full from now. My new housemate had the chocolate milkshake too which was the best thing I have tasted for quite a while, definitely getting that the next time I go.

Recently I keep seeing lots of girls with short pixie hair and have been pretty jealous. This is rather shocking coming from the girl who grew her hair for three years and is just reaching 'mermaid hair' length. How typical that as soon as my hair is long enough to cover my boobs I want to chop it all off again. I had it super short at college, you can see a picture here. What do you think?

I was also wondering if everybody could tell me their favourite aspects of my blog as I would love to know what you all think! I have had a good 40 readers sneak up on me in the last week or so, a big hello to you all!

You might also want to have a look at some things I have for sale on eBay, lots of Topshop, Fred Perry, Dahlia and H&M. It turns out the voting for the ELLE comp is still going on. I am currently 2nd (thank you wonderful people) by the skin of my teeth so have a little vote if you haven't already.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, much love,

R x

Friday, 28 January 2011

Weekend Wonders

I have decided to change 'Friday Favourites' to 'Weekend Wonders' as sometimes I am not free on a Friday and this way I have more time to do my regular post. I said before that this would be a post on modern style icons, but as I researched it became pretty model based. As such this weeks theme is my favourite fresh faced models. I would also love to hear back on what aspects of my blog is everybody's favourites? Honest opinions please!

001: Edie Campbell

Bursting into the modelling world last year, Edie Campbell is a current darling of the fashion world. With a face as 1960s as her name, she certainly does have a very intriguing yet classic look about her. I find Edie to be one those models I want to be my friend, rather than be intensely intimidated by her beauty; a factor that will have her go far. At only 18 years old the British Edie Campbell has already modelled alongside Kate Moss for Burberry and for Jalouse, i-D, Vogue, Chanel and Marc Jacobs.

002: Chanel Iman

I first read about Chanel Iman in Teen Vogue, well, back in the days when I read Teen Vogue! She is currently being featured on Elle's Starstyle and it is easy to see why. A house hold name, Chanel is as effortless off the catwalk as on it, with a contacts book longer than one of her own everlasting legs. A sweet bohemian vibe, Chanel oozes butter wouldn't melt innocence and is a true American beauty.

003: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Another new(ish) face to the modelling game, Abbey Lee Kershaw in the 23 year old Australian wonder who has already worked with everybody from Miu Miu to McQueen. In my eyes she could quite possibly be one of the coolest girls to have ever lived. Her captivating face has plenty of cheekiness and rock n roll charm, I just love her eyes and cheeks. Abbey's off duty style has gotten her a lot of blog attention, including mine.

004: Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Like name, like nature, Bambi Northwood-Blyth has a fawn like, gangly nature about herself. Another Australian beauty, with those eyebrows, Bambi has been praised for her ability to cross over seamlessly between looks. I love her little tattoo of Bambi on her wrist and ability to go from slamming hottie to intriguing recluse.

005: Daphne Groeneveld

A girl I didn't know about until my trawling of TFS for this post, Daphne is a Dutch model. She has such a strong brow line and pair of lips that give her a really strong look yet she still retains a lovely vulnerability. While not one whose off catwalk style I admire, there is something incredibly impulsive about her face that has got me really captivated. Keep your eyes peeled as she is one to watch, and has already walked for Chanel at a mere 15 years old!

R x

Ladz On Tour

I got back from Bournemouth yesterday which was absolutely epic, I had such a good time and it was great to see my Mimi. Roro and Mimi reunited. We went dancing on Tuesday night which was epic fun, then hung out with mad hang overs on Wednesday before a little visit to see the sea yesterday. It is really great to get out of London every now and then, although I still get so excited at all the sights on the way back in.

I can officially tell you that I now work at CyberCandy. I had another interview today and they offered me the job and some shifts next week. Really happy about this as the people and the shop are so chilled in comparison to Topman.

I am going to do the Friday Favourites, which will be my top 5 modern style icons, in a wee bit. I just wanted to also let you know I have done some eBaying. I have put up 28 items which consists of stuff from Fred Perry, Dahlia, Topshop, H&M, River Island, New Look - the lot! Lots of pretty dresses, shoes, tops and jewels that no longer fit me or I haven't worn for ages so decided to sell.

You can have a browse here:

Today is the last day for the ELLE writers intern competition. If you have already voted for me, thank you so much - I owe you one. If you haven't then please do, I keep rallying up and down the top 5 and would love to be in the top 3 when the competition finishes tonight at midnight. Your vote and a little bit of your time really does make all the difference. Pick Me!

R x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday 24th January 2011

Hello! I hope everybody is super well and having a good Monday!? Am wearing another charity shop find today, my dress was £3 or something and as it is cut on the bias of the fabric it is so flattering! The cardigan I got in Topshop last summer.

I have been working at Cyber Candy, an amazing sweet shop, for the last 3 days as I landed a few interviews and some trial shifts there. I had my last shift today, and if they liked me I will have another interview and then hopefully get the job. I really have enjoyed myself there and hope I get the job. We got some Lucky Charms back in stock today, only one of the boxes was very crumpled so we got to eat them. SO DELICIOUS!

On my way home I had one of the best finds in a long time. There is a 'crap corner' on our street which usually has an old mattress, or some furniture, that sort of thing. Well today I completely lucked out and found these videos! I have a really old tv and video combo which I have never replaced and never will, despite how massive it is, as videos are the best thing ever. You cannot say no to 50p films in the charity shop.

Billy Connelly is one of my favourite people of all time, and I have so many videos and dvds of his, yet this is one of the things he has done which I haven't seen. As you can guess I am so pleased with my little haul, its got the rest of my day sorted I can tell you. I am going to Bournemouth tomorrow until Thursday, and then going out on Thursday night, so will not be posting again until Friday. I might do a sneaky post while the friend I am visiting is at Uni on Wednesday afternoon. Hope you all have a good week!

This is the last time I will be able to ask before the competition ends of Friday so please, please, mega huge please vote for me. Winning this would make my life, and would be the best thing I have achieved so far, so please take two seconds to keep me in the running. I will update you all with the fun stuff I get up too if I do win :)

R x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Friday Favourites

Yeah, I know, it is Sunday. I ran out of time on Friday to do this between seeing friends and partying. Yesterday I was also had my first trial shift at a (hopefully) new job and was tired from Friday night and, well, you know the story really. As promised, here are my five favourite bands of the moment. Click each bands name to be directed to some musical samples!

An upbeat, electro outfit, I have been listening to Funeral Party's debut album all this week as I am reviewing it for the Virgin Music Blog. Their first single entitled 'New York Moves to the Sound of LA' is an absolute belter with some cheeky cow bell action I cannot get enough of. Sure to have you dancing, have a listen to them below. Their debut album 'The Golden Age of Nowhere' is out tomorrow.

Wild Palms are one of the most exciting new bands out there at the moment. Singer Lou Hill has an exceptional voice and a gorgeous way with words. I saw them in Brighton a few months ago and they were amazing. They played a lot of music from their debut album which is out later this year. There was one song in particular I adored, and much to my delight, the band have recently added it to their Sound Cloud website.

White Lies are not a new act as their debut album To Loose My Life came out in 2009. I absolutely adore the band and was lucky enough to see them live at the end of last year. Their new album Ritual, was released on Monday and is led by single Bigger Than Us. While most people fall in love with this band instantly, every song of theirs has been a grower on me. This is to the point where certain tracks off their first album make me well up with gorgeous memories from this summer, absolute love.

Last year there was so much hype about Chapel Club I was actually put off listening too them. I am aware this makes me sound like a right twat, but sometimes if something gets too much hype I just become disinterested because nothing these days ever lives up too it. Nor do Chapel Club, but they are still a very good guitar band whose debut album I will buy next week when it is released. I am also going to see them on Thursday which I am really looking forward too.

With a ramshackle country vibe, The Strange Boys certainly do live up to their name. Making the sort of music that you could happily mooch around too while half intoxicated, their sound is relaxed and easy going. A duo that started making music in 2001, before various other members joined, The Strange Boys are a soft garage rock band with gorgeous 1960s influences.

Other exciting albums this year will come from Black Lips (which is being produced by Mark Ronson, who I love, yet not keen on this coupling?), The Big Pink, Friendly Fires, Noah and the Whale, The Kills, Laura Marling, The Maccabees, The Vaccines, Bombay Bicycle Club, Kasabian, The Horrors and most excitingly of any album ever released, ever, The Strokes fourth offering on March 22nd.

In other music news, I interviewed Brother for Disorder Magazine on Tuesday, who are 'the next big thing'. Turns out I actually know Lee, their lead singer, from being at Uni in Epsom. Anyways I am super excited to see my words printed on actual paper, not got many print clippings in the old portfolio. I was also asked if I would like to be on their contributors page, which of course I said YES too. I will show you the article, and my 'funny' about me when it is published.

Again, if you haven't already, and you probably have, vote for me and make my dreams come true. I will do favours for everybody who voted if I win. Promise!

R x

Friday, 21 January 2011

What is Black, White and Read all over?

Hat - Thrifted
Cardigan - Thrifted
Blouse - Thrifted
Leather Shorts - Topshop
Cycling Shorts - eBay
Shoes - ASOS
Necklace - Orelia
Bag - Chiltern

Me! Ha. Woke up early to go to the Post Office this morning to pick up these shoes which I bought with some Christmas money. Aren't they the best things ever? Only problem is they shred, no pain no gain right? Even better they were £35 down from £65 in the sale, I do love a good bargain. This is the mental Big Bird cardigan I was chatting about yesterday, I honestly love it so much. I have paired it with the blouse I also got at a charity shop near my Uni in yesterdays haul.

Last night I had a bit of a downloading session and got all the classics, I am now fully stocked on enough Rhianna, Adele, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Britney to last me a good few mirror sing-along sessions. I really wish I could sing, and do give it my best shot, much to the pain of my housemates ears. I will be doing this weeks Friday Favourites in a bit which is going to be a list of my five favourite bands at the moment. I live for fashion and music, so really hope I can start sharing my music tastes with you all too and get some good vibes back.

Not much else to say except to pester you more and say VOTE FOR ME, a BA Fashion Journalism student who has worked towards an internship like this for the last 4 or 5 years. I have interned and written at too many other places to mention, but this would be the one.

R x

Thursday, 20 January 2011

D is for Dissertation : D is for Done

Cardigan - H&M Mens
Dress - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Scarf - Thrifted
Earrings - Topshop

Today was the day I handed in my Dissertation. While I had it checked today by a tutor and my Brother whose graduated, I was still nervous about handing it in. The deadline isn't actually until tomorrow, but I have had fears ever since first year of being one of the poor unorganized souls I saw in the library today frantically reading up to write theirs. Hopefully this will mean I get a decent grade, fingers crossed! I got two marks back today and one was an A (hurrah) and the other was a C (not so hurrah). Due to my average marks last year I am currently bordering a 2:2 or a 2:1 and desperately want a 2:1 so I need really good marks this year. I have been planning our Final Major Project since the Summer so hopefully that will kill it.

In other news I went for Starbucks with my course mate Rosie after hand in, before a charity shop spree. I spent a mere £25 and got a mad aztec bag for the Summer, a faux fur collar, two lovely blouses and a cardigan like Morven's, but in black, grey and red and a different pattern. It is amazing and I cannot wait to wear the beast.

Apart from my earrings, a ring and a belt, nothing I am wearing today is new. The dress I have had for over a year and the cardigan, which is actually maroon, for nearly two. There has been a lot of blogging chat recently about girls feeling pressured to have the latest item. I know, as a fashion student, I am pretty materialistic, but I do hope I don't come across as one of those girls that only blogs the hot new thing. I hope you can see that while I do have a bit of disposable income, I also re-wear certain items a lot. I think quite a lot of the stuff I wear in outfit posts you can no longer buy, either because it is so old or simply because it is second hand. I feel thats more interesting than seeing the same thing across many blogs?

Anyway tomorrow I have a super day lined up. I have some stuff to pick up from the Post Office, before going to Wagamama's with my old work crew, possibly seeing some new buddies in Hoxton and then off to KoKo in Camden for full dancing madness. Next week I am also going to Bournemouth to see a favourite, Mirri, for some fun girly times before Uni starts back in a week or so.

Quite a few girls from my Uni course have also entered the Elle competition now, which is pretty gutting for me as there are some real talents. Anyway I can only hope for the best and ask you once again to vote for me. Votes wise I am currently third, and while I haven't a glimpse of catching up the girl in the lead , I can hope that by staying near the top I can get noticed as I think the internship is actually awarded to the entry most like Elle's house style.

R x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Delight In Temptation

Cape - Thrifted
Floral Cord Blouse - Vintage
Shorts - Vintage Levi
Belt - Primark
Necklace - Handmade
Hoop Earrings - Topshop
Rings - Topshop

I have been at my Mum & Dad's house since Friday, or maybe Saturday, last week buckling down on my Dissertation as there are too many distractions in London. As you can see, their house is just a bit of a retreat, it is so yummy and homely and such a contrast to the life I live in Camden. My Dissertation is now all but done and handed in, massive hurrah!

This is the cape I wanted to show you, it was £3.99 in a charity shop, and the blouse was £5 at a vintage fare, can't get much better than that eh? I also bought the big gold and blue ring, and the hoops recently. Still not sure on the hoops (maybe 3 hoops is a bit too many with the nose ring, lols) I was going for a hippie look, not sure if I got it? Oh well.

And again, I throw myself down to you and ask to pretty please, with cherries and everything else on top, to vote for me here:

It would mean the world to me if I won. I am a third year BA Fashion Journalism student, and an internship like this is pretty much the dream.

R x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Valentines? Pah!

This year for Valentines Day I am off to the beautiful city of Prague for the weekend. Don't get too soppy and start cooing on me yet, as I am going with one my favourite friends, Saima. Of the boys I have met (and a bit more) recently two have turned out to have girlfriends (which I found out after. I have very strong views on cheating!), and anybody else I have liked hasn't seemed bothered. Their loss. I have never, ever, had a good Valentines Day wether in a relationship, seeing somebody, single or otherwise.

This year I will be travelling home from what will hopefully be a lovely weekend with a friend. However that does not mean because I am single I cannot spoil myself!

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub
The Sanctuary Bath Relaxer
Natural Collections at Boots Face Mask
The Body Shop Wild Cherry Moisturiser
Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

I fully intend on going on a little trip to Oxford Street and tracking down one of these lovely products with which to pamper myself when I arrive home. As an underwear addict, I feel undressed if I am mismatching, so I shall also indulge in the cliche of buying new underwear for Valentines Day.

All sets from Topshop

Not for any boy, but for myself, as there is nothing like feeling good about yourself, for yourself. I know how hard being single can be, believe me I have enough experience, however you don't have to be negative about it. Be happy and be free and be who you be! Once I get home from my little holiday I fully intend on having a girly night in with housemates (both male and female!).

R x

P.S - If you follow me on Twitter (Robyn_Lynch) you know I won't shut up about this. However as somebody who studies BA Fashion Journalism, and has previous writing experience outside of this, to win the ELLE Intern Competition would mean so much to me. I know a fair few 'big name bloggers' have entered this as well, so little old me needs all your help to compete.


Monday, 17 January 2011

ELLE Intern Competition: Vote For Me!

Hello Readers,

I need a massive favour from you all. A few moments of your time is all it takes to vote for me in the ELLE paid internship competition. I am currently in my final year studying BA Fashion Journalism at University and working for a magazine such as ELLE is the sort of thing I could only dream of. If you vote for me, and I win, I will get a 6 month paid internship at one of the worlds leading fashion and lifestyle magazines. Nothing could kick start my career in a more fantastic way, I cannot properly describe how much it would mean to me.

R x

Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday Favourites

This weeks Friday Favourites is a round up of the best Spring/Summer catwalk looks. It is that time of the year again when the High Street shops are starting to stock their summer wares, and all the best pieces come early. There are, as always, quite a few different trends to sport this summer, my favourite being the 1970's hippy revival. As much as I can appreciate high end designers such as Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen's recent show, these are more transitional to everyday wear.

001: Marc Jacobs

A raspberry mix of hedonistic glamour and billowing silhouettes has made this collection a 1970's revival of absolute revolution. With cheeky flashes of nipple and lashings of leg, a defiant nod to the era of rock n roll has started a party that is sure to continue for a few seasons to come. Bring back the 70's in a fresh, sexy way with halter neck dresses, voluminous jumpsuits and a string of gold jewels or two.

002: Rodarte

Keeping an off beat feel, Rodarte saw the waist line rise to the hip with peplum and tulip shapes cascading below it. Wood panelling prints mixed every tone of brown right through to gold, which also played on the lips in a futuristic lipstick twist. Clean cut dresses were buttoned to the top button while cut out flashes of the stomach and shoulders kept the look fresh. A pretty porcelain print with gold jewels and tan accessories would perfectly emulate this look.

003: Christopher Kane

Acid pop colours contrast against a mature silhouette set, making this collection the fun filled affair it is. A contradiction of coupled naughtiness through neon colours and see through lace against twinsets and knee length skirts, Christopher Kane has cited Princess Margaret as his inspiration. Look out for brightly coloured beach wear or statement dresses for full on fluro fabulous. If your colour controls are not quite ready for full thrusters, try bright lipsticks or nail varnishes for an easy way in.

004: Dolce and Gabbana

Inspired by a hope chest, of things old and new, this collection sets the scene for a wedding garden party with some vamped up appeal. Delicate laces embroidered with beads, sequins and rhinestones set an innocent tone thats also awash with the sexiest of little black dresses. Leopard print with broderie edges and thigh skimming skirts add to this mix of swaggering sexy innocence. Kept simple with only chandelier earrings and strappy wedges, this look best suits a sophisticated up-do.

005: Alberta Ferretti

A gorgeous neutral palette and impressionist florals whisper over flowing chiffon layers to create a look of sheer fantasy. Intricate embellishments empower a grown up princess ready for romantic late afternoon strolls in the park. Gladiator sandals and wide brimmed hats set off this breezy look perfectly, while long flowing skirts and opaque cut out sections add a hint of sex appeal.

R x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Whats In My Bag?

Earlier this week I bought this gorgeous Chiltern satchel bag form eBay. It was a little bit pricey at £35, however all the other bags I have seen on the high street that have been similar are around the same price, yet this is one of a kind. I was planning on doing a bit of history about the brand as I have seen a lot of these bags on style blogs recently, and wondered where the trend came from, however my googling has been fruitless! I thought I would show you my new baby regardless, and do one of those 'Whats In My Bag?' posts as I always find these things interesting. Nosey cow that I am!

I don't think that I am one of those girls who lug around loads of crap?

Mirror, Make Up & Comb
Passport for ID
House Keys
Inhaler & Epi Pen (both Asthmatic and extremely allergic to nuts)
MP3 Player

I'd just like to say I am not stuck in a time warp and I do actually have an iphone. However I lost it in early December and 4 delivery dates later O2 still haven't managed to give me a new one despite me paying them £15 insurance each month and £50 additional for a new handset. I am livid at them. If my new phone does ever arrive am thinking of buying this cover, tackytastic joy or what?

R x