Sunday, 18 December 2011

Listening Lately: Lana Del Rey

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It isn't often that I find female artists all that exciting or inspiring, however every now and then somebody comes along and strikes me with such an amazing sound and image I cannot help but become obsessed. Most recently my girl crush on Lana Del Rey aka Elizabeth Grant has rocketed beyond belief. 

A deep and husky voice occasionally tips to sweet and enchanting charm on her debut track Video Games which has seen the New York star become the hottest tip for 2012 so far. A debut album out at the end of January has stirred much excitement over the retro inspired singer whose style and poise has set hearts racing as much as her music.

A name which is definitely going to be seen all over next years festival circuit, Lana Del Rey makes me want to adorn all the floral hair pins I can get my hands on, lay back in a field with blistering sun on my skin and have somebody to hold my hand. Get ready to fall in love with her captivating voice singing out lyrics of such brutal truth you'll wonder if she crept inside your head at those darkest moments.

R x


  1. Omg I've been listening to her songs on REPEAT all weekend. They are so addictive! I love kinda outta luck and diet mnt diet x

  2. i proper love her. not only is her music amazing but shes one of the most beautiful women i've ever seen xx

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  4. You need to check out a live performance of her new song Born To Die. Its a performance at Chateau Marmont, simply beautiful.

    Her older stuff on her first album (aka Lizzie Grant) isn't as Nancy Sinatra-ish but still very interesting!

  5. I am in LOVE with Lana Del Ray, she has such a great look and her voice is out of this world! I have Video Games on repeat XX

  6. She's stunning!