Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Haul Post: December


Hi gang! It has been a while since I have blogged properly, but that is mainly because December is very busy and a lot of things have gone horribly wrong. It is also partly because I left my camera in Liverpool at the beginning of the month, doh! Happily, my camera and I have been reunited again and things are slowly starting to sort themselves out.

As you can see above I got some lovely things for Christmas, and have been doing some shopping as well. I finally got the YSL Arty ring I have been pining over for two years. In my eyes this is the most beautiful one Yves Saint Laurent have ever done so I am really glad it actually took two years to wear my Mother down to get one for Christmas or a Birthday.

Photobucket Photobucket

AX Paris also gifted me with this gorgeous rust coloured chiffon shift dress which you will see in an outfit post soon. I picked up the cross necklace, like I need more, from Topshop, the black, pink and purple cardigan was £5 in a charity shop, and the cream cardigan my Mum bought me. I also got lots of dollars for Christmas, along with this lovely laptop case and pin set from Cath Kidston and some other bits and bobs for Christmas.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Among my other bits I bought this dress from work over a month ago in preparation for New Years Eve this weekend, I plan to wear it with big black wedges, a black leather jacket and a purple wig. I am going to an intergalactic themed night and am very excited for yet more fancy dress.


This top was a bargain in River Island at £15 and has billowing sleeves, I plan to wear it tomorrow in a Mystic Meg style outfit which I am planning to post if I am still alive after my first 'get fit for California' run. The last time I went for a run I threw up and passed out because my sugar levels are so bad, it has gotten better recently so fingers crossed. 

Hope everybody else got some lovely things for Christmas, I am looking forward to getting back to proper blogging this week,

R x


  1. The Arty is stunning! Loving the AX Paris dress too, the colour is so pretty! You did good for Christmas m'dear!

  2. Ahh what an amazing Arty ring! I've never seen one quite like it before, gorgeous. Glad you wore your mum down.. ;) x

  3. Amazing ring! So jealous right now! just stopping by to wish you a very Happy new year, have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your awesome photos. All the best for 2012! x

  4. Ahh Robyn you got some lovely things! That arty is DEFINITELY the best one yet - very jealous.

    Rosie x