Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Free Christmas Gifts


Putting aside spending time with your family, decorating the house, wearing silly jumpers, giving and receiving presents and eating all the mince pies in sight, one of the other things I love about Christmas is how brands are hell bent on giving it away for free to make you spend your pennies with them. I for one, am easily swayed when it comes to a good bargain, and upon stepping into Bond Street Boots one day after work last week I was greeted with all the offers a girl could dream of.

Annoyingly my make up always has a habit of running out or going missing at exactly the same time, anybody else get that? Heading into Boots I was on a mission to get all the bits I needed without spending a fortune, much to my surprise I managed this and came out with some special treats too.


The first being this lovely red lipgloss free with two bottles of Diet Coke from Models Own. I have always wanted to try out Models Own products as I always hear rave reviews on the old blogosphere and now I know why. I love wearing red lipstick however it really dries my lips out but this is a perfect alternative, despite being a gloss you can see above it still has really great pigmentation and a nice shine too.


On my make up haul of Boots I noticed that 17 were offering a little pouch with some nail treats inside when you buy any three of their products. I thought I had hit the jackpot when the cheapest brand in Boots was giving away free polishes. While like everybody else I love to play with mad coloured nails and the occasional pattern too, I am also incredibly neuronic and hate when my nails do not match my outfit (do not talk to me about wearing underwear that doesn't match). As such red and black are two of my favourite nail shades, but they also the two that have currently run out in my collection.

I know that Rimmel are also giving away a huge pack of treats when you spend with them, have you found any other high street brand give aways this Christmas?

R x

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