Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Walking Tall


Wedge Boots - Forever 21

Just a little post on the new boots I got from work, how amazing are these beauties? I got them on Monday after doing a faulty exchange for another item which had started to fray. While I was just intending on getting store credit, I walked into work and saw these sitting on one of the tables and knew I just had to have them, the fact they didn't cost me anything either makes them all the sweeter addition to my wardrobe. I do not usually wear heels during the day although I wish I could, despite this I did put them on for a good two and a half hours before I decided my flats were a lot more appealing. I am hoping to ease myself in with these to the world of rocking heels during the day, one step at a time.

R x


  1. These are so pretty they almost look like glitter or sequins? x

  2. aaaah, these are gorgeous! only just been able to wear heels during the day with the addition of allegras and h&m wedges to my wardrobe.


  3. pretty shoes for a pretty robyn :)

  4. omggggggg i NEED these !! <3