Monday, 21 November 2011

To Have It All & Still Want More


Faux Fur Hat - Vintage
Floral Shirt - Charity Shop
Necklace - Forever 21
Heeled Boots - Topshop

Just a very quick post this evening. I wore this outfit out today on my run around doing some errands on my day off work. I absolutely love this shirt which I got in a charity shop for £3 recently. A girl at work asked me where it was from and her expression was priceless when I told her, I don't really get that mentality. How is a charity shop really any different to vintage, all you've done is cut out the middle man. It is the same principle yet one is tarred with a brush of smelly old people and the other with endless miles of glamour.

Anyway I am super excited for tomorrow as I am assisting my best friend with a fashion shoot she is doing. My role will be a styling assistant which I have dabbled in before and really enjoyed, it will also be great to two of my friends doing what they do best. I plan on taking lots of snaps myself on both my digital camera and my Mini Diana which I will be sharing. We are also planning to take lots of snaps of the three of us too, it will be nice to have some sober ones!

R x


  1. That is a greeeeat shirt :))

  2. Sometimes charity shops are much better than vintage shops - think you just have to choose your area wisely. Love your necklace. Plus, I don't think anyone rocks a faux fur hat quite like yourself!

  3. ha, some people's reactions to charity shops are hilarious.. they should pop in one sometimes & realise they're not the places they thought they were.

    your shirt is gorgeous, & it looks so lovely with that necklace!


  4. ah, your shirt is wicked and what a bargain too.

    J x

  5. No one quite pulls off a faux fur hat like you do Robyn!