Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Flatform Shoe Trend


The following is a little something I wrote which was never published by a certain magazine, so I made a nice little montage to go along with it for a blog post, enjoy...

A mix between the school girls flat footed safe bet and the fashionistas nod at 90s nostalgia, the Flatform is the latest shoe trend. While one may instantly think of days pinning for Emma Bunton’s Flatform’s before she fell off them as one fifth of the Spice Girls, this time around the Flatform is a more high class fashion statement.

Starting at Prada with those monstrous trainers before taking over LookBook in the form of Underground Creepers, everybody is rocking the Flatform. From Rhianna on X-Factor all the way through to the first cool kid of Dalston who happens to stumble into you bleary eyed on a Sunday morning, the fat-bottomed flat is the shoe of choice.

While some may think of soap bars and others may think of cyber goths, when done right the Flatform can look the right side of edgy fashion. Juxtaposed against lace dresses with pointed collars or roughed up with leather leggings; the Flatform lends an interesting detail to an outfit which is sure to last more than a season or two. A previous hit with Teddy Boys and the Rockabilly set, a boyish charm works best with the Flatform trend.


  1. Great piece, I love the velvet Topshop pair x

  2. my friend has got the asos pair, love 'em! great piece