Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas Wish List


Arizona Chelsea Boots - Topshop
Arty Ring - Yves Saint Laurent
The Horrors Albums
LUXE Quilted Platforms - Topshop
Nowhere Boy DVD
Dollars $$$
Cambridge Satchel Company Two Tone - Urban Outfitters
Sierra Tequila
Cyber - Mac Lipstick

I am aware that I am superly duperly early with this but my Christmas excitement this year has come on full swing. The shoes speak for themselves in terms of amazingness, however will probably be buying these myself/forever mourning their loss as I have other things which come first such as saving a ridiculous amount of £ and $ for California 2012. More realistic things such as the DVD and CD's are things that I rarely buy myself as I can never justify the money for them despite knowing I will enjoy them.

The YSL Arty ring is something I have wanted for two years now and my Mum has finally caved and agreed to buy me one. I am kind of glad I have waited until now to get one as this version of it is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. I cannot wait to try it on and look at it lovingly all day, every day. Too much excitement over a ring that doesn't mean 'forever'.

What is on your list?

R x


  1. I adore both those albums by The Horrors.

  2. Ohh those Topshop heels are kinda beautiful. So is the YSL ring! It's always better to wait a while before you get something because then you love it even more (that's my theory anyway)!
    Rebecca x

  3. Ahh I adore your wishlist! The Horrors = <3

  4. Absolutely love The Horrors (they're so amazing live) and those velvet platforms are just perfect x

  5. So weird those exact shoes and boots are what Iv been lusting after!! xx

  6. fab list, the shoes and ring are gorgeous....definitely one of the better versions x

  7. Nowhere Boy is such a good film <3