Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Beauty Buys


I would be the first person to admit that I am certainly not the most girly of girls. However when I saw this sparkly case at work I basically squealed at the amazing tackiness of it and had to hide the last one in the stock room for weeks before I could afford to buy it as I am on a very tight budget at the moment. I have been wanting to buy some proper make up brushes for a while now and learn the art of correctly applying make up. These brushes were a little steep at£14, although I have seen single brushes in Boots for the same amount. I think these are a great starting set as they have what each brush is for written on the bottom and are really sort too. I am a bit of a make up novice and the type of girl who buys whichever foundation is cheapest, but would like to invest in some proper brushes, lotions and potions in the future. Does anybody have any recommendations?

R x


  1. Who doesn't love a little tackiness every now and then!! That brush roll looks like it covers pretty much everything you'd need too. Although, I always find that the angled liner brushes in packs like this are pretty hopeless ie. way to thick to be able to get a nice, precise line.

    It's hard to give advice because make-up is so subjective. You just need to find what works for you (don't you have it when people tell you that haha). I watched a lot of youtube videos for ideas and tips. Also check out Make-Up Alley for some really comprehensive product reviews.

    Hope that is at least vaguely helpful.

  2. The brushes look great, I'm after a complete set myself. & the sparkly case is so tacky it's amazing!


  3. i want a sparkly tacky case! haha i love it x

    ps the word verification is POOPLAY wtf?! hahaha

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