Friday, 11 November 2011

1990s Nirvana Fan


Hat - Vintage
T-shirt - DFA 1979 Merch
Skirt - Vintage
Necklaces - Topshop, Gogo Phillip, Forever 21
Loafers - Russell & Bromley

Feel a bit like a 1990s Nirvana fan when I wear this outfit, or maybe a bit Avril Lavigne with the plaid skirt. Either way I absolutely am in love with both this skirt and hat which I bought for around £5 for both at a vintage shop in Berlin last month. I am rarely seen without some sort of hat in the winter months and this one is just so snuggly and I love how thick it is. I decided that three necklaces, although it looks like more, was appropriate with this outfit to get in a bit of layering with my favourite cross necklaces.

Today was Remembrance Day as I am hoping you are aware. I saw hoping as my work did not hold a moments silence today, so in outrage several of us had our own in one of the fitting rooms. Ever since walking around a concentration camp in Berlin the facts of war have really hit home with me and I just cannot believe anybody would not take a moment to think those who fought and are still fighting. What astounded me even further was some of the careless and idiot comments made by some of my co-workers which went so far as "I'm not English I don't know what it is" to "When/What is that again?". It was a WORLD war, it is today and if it wasn't for those heroes the world would be a very different place. I am so angry.

R x


  1. I adore the plaid skirt especially with the band t-shirt. Looking good Robyn!
    I couldn't agree more, people died so we could have the freedom to live. Have a little respect.

  2. cute hat :) I actually like it the most from the outfit (that is nice, I do not mean anything bad;)

  3. aaaaah, death from above shirt <3 huge love for that. you look gorgeous!


  4. Love the plaid skirt, Berlin is pretty amazing for thrifting! Urgh it is sickening when people don't respect these things.. I've been to a concentration camp too and lost family in WW2 like plenty of others than and since. Remembering is one of the only ways to make sure it doesn't keep happening.. xx

  5. Oh wow. it is soooo 90s! I LOVE IT!