Monday, 31 October 2011


I first heard about Project Shut Tup through my best friend, Mirri Rowland, who was telling me about the photo shoot she had been working on for the project. The project is an attempt at saving one of Britain's remaining fashion factories which has been the starting place of many goods for the couture British fashion industry. An important place with lots of history and machinery just waiting to be used, Project Shut Tup is hoping to sell enough of their hip tote bags to save the factory and begin supporting British brands by opening it up to new designers.

Hoping to aid Britain's flailing fashion factories one at a time, Trash On, the team behind project Shut Tup, are huge supporters of our home grown talent. With a belief that our industry needs a little bit of help along the way to become the well oiled machine it once was, Shut Tup from Trash On is a cause worth supporting. From what I hear the lady behind the project is incredibly lovely and a fan of up and coming talent too; taking on one friend for their image campaign and another as one of their models (the gorgeous Poppy with incredible hair).

If you think Shut Tup is a project you'd like to get behind you can read more on their website, or buy the tote bag to help save the British fashion industry.

R x


  1. I just found your blog via what olivia did because of the ads at the side bar. My blog is there, too, so I decided to visit all the other featured blogs. I like yours and def coming back to read more. XO

  2. Sound like a pretty good initiative, off to check out their site now xx