Friday, 14 October 2011

Euro Tour: Berlin

Last weekend I went to Berlin with two of my favourite girls for a Euro-trip before we say goodbye to our lives until April when we will travel around California for a month. Berlin is one of those cities I have wanted to visit for a long time and after finding some £41 return flights with Ryan Air we just couldn't resist.

Arriving late on Wednesday at our hostel we started as we meant to go on with a couple of beers before hitting the hay. On Thursday morning we decided to get the most heavy thing on our list out the way; a trip to a concentration camp used by the Nazi's in World War II. While at some points I felt physically sick from some of the things that had taken place at the camp, it was also a very interesting and humbling experience. I have had all the facts of WWII drummed into my head while at school but it doesn't really make sense until you see a place where it all took place.

After our trip to the camp, during which we got heavily rained on, we had some dinner at the hostel and went to Rosi's. An amazing underground bar set in a disused warehouse the club was set up almost like a house with a kitchen, lounge and dance room area. We had an amazing dance to our favourite songs, during which I strained my knee, and got fully into the Berlin swing of staying out to the wee hours.

The following day we headed to the Berlin Wall and caught up on some more history during our trip. Having pizza for lunch we were outraged when our waitress charged us for tap water! Outraged we headed to a bar for some cheeky cocktails and soon calmed down with Strawberry Daiquiri's to sip on. After this we headed out to White Trash for more dancing and drinking fun; we discovered gold tequila which is a shot with cinnamon and orange instead of salt and lemon. It was absolutely beautiful and made better by an encounter with the ever gorgeous Josh Beech. Sitting outside the club for some fresh air we were greeted by a "Guten Tag" from a group of lads. Replying with a "Hello" the boys told us they had seen us at the bar of our hostel earlier that evening, which they were also staying at, and gave us a knuckle bump before saying they'd catch us later. Turns out that is was Levi model and musician Josh Beech who was touring with his band Josh Beech and the Johns and staying at our hostel for a few days. I basically freaked out for the rest of our stay with various "Hi's" and "Good Mornings".

The next day we did some more WWII tourist stops with the Jewish Monument and the bunker in which Hitler killed himself before doing some shopping. If you check out one shop in Berlin it has to be Garage. A huge shop that offers a 14.99/kilo rate on a large range of items I got a shirt, skirt, two head scarves and two hats for a mere 9 euros - amazing!

Sunday saw us take a chilled and hungover trip to Mauer Park for the weekly flea market which occurs there. We found a few lovely knick knacks before heading to the bear pit. Running every Sunday afternoon with the flea market, The Bear Pit seats a few hundred guests around a circle on which karaoke takes place on a mass scale. From Spice Girls to Journey and The White Stripes we heard and sung along to it all before heading for our first ever Dunkin' Donuts. For dinner that night we went to the most amazing Thai Restaurant, the meal definitely had made my top 3 meals of life, let alone on the trip.

Our last day was a mega chilled one wandering all around Berlin Zoo and Aquarium to ease us back into the harsh reality of going home. I was super excited to some eisbahrens or polar bears, and we even saw a lion wee on somebody which had my laughing my life away. I had an absolutely incredible weekend with so many more, non internet friendly tales and would really recommend Berlin to anybody looking for a cheeky weekend away. If your going and want addresses of anywhere here give me an email.

R x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I would love to visit someday.

  2. Sounds like you had such an amazing time and managed to sqeeze so much in. I am impressed! Makes me want to run away for the weekend now!

  3. It looks wonderful, i'm dying to go to berlin. i'm glad you had such a good time :)


  4. looks like an amazing time :) I'd go back in a heartbeat, there's just so much to do there! wish I'd known about the huge thrift place!! xx

  5. Looks AMAZING!


  6. This was really interesting, thanks 4 the recommendations, it's making me want to go myself :)