Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Veni Vedi Vici


Hat - Asos
Shirt - Forever 21
Necklace - Forever 21
Shorts - Topshop

These pictures didn't quite come out as well as the last in my new photograph taking place, but I really wanted to show you this shirt I got from work yesterday for £11.50. Much to the visual merchandisers dismay I call this the swap shirt, I've been told the colour is ocre but whatever. It's that green, mustard, moss colour that reminds me of Topshop but for a quarter of the price, the shirt also comes in some other colours which are tempting me too. I absolutely love the sheer material of this shirt and layering short necklaces under collars is my new favourite thing, expect more to come.

It has been a funny old week for me, despite already having three pieces of work published with at least two more on the way I have been doubting myself incredibly. I got news of a collage friend doing amazing well and jetting off to New York to become an accessories designer for Armani. While I am unbelievably happy for her as she is a true talent and the hardest worker I know, it kind of puts working in retail and writing for free under a harsh light. Had a tantrum last night, spoke to my best friend and brother and an now on the positive go getting track again. Got lots of fun things to look forward too on my first weekend off work in two months this weekend, so placing my chin high.

R x


  1. Love the outfit- thought the necklace was part of the shirt at first they look so good together! Try not to compare yourself to others, I used to do the same thing- I girl that I knew from my course at uni is a fundraising manager for a charity whilst I'm still at volunteer level! But hey ho, onwards and upwards. You write really well so I've no doubt things will keep getting better for you! xx

  2. Really love the shirt, it's a lovely colour. As Rachel said try not to compare yourself to others, getting work published is amazing. Defo keep your chin up! xx

  3. Ooh I'm really liking that shirt, such a great colour with autumn on the horizon!

  4. All the great ones start off writing for free so I wouldn't worry about it sugar! You'll get there eventually, the more of your work that's out there the bigger your portfolio is so people are bound to see just how great you are soon! :)

    Love the outfit :)

    Rhiannon xo

  5. Love this look, and amazing bargain on the shirt! Can totally relate to the unpaid work problem, it's tough (feels impossible) balancing a full-time job and getting ahead in the industry. But keep doing what you're doing and you'll definitely get noticed. From my experience the best opportunities come completely out of the blue! :) X

  6. looking fab, love the shirt and shorts and hat ..ok it all!

    Keep your chin up, it will pay off! I'm finding it exptremely difficult fitting in time to write anything never mind get published. Have had just one piece published in past few months! but every little helps so keep it up!


  7. Gorgeous outfit, the blouse is lovely, it looks vintage!

    The hat really suits you too :)


  8. Love love love the shirt/necklace combo. It looks shweeeet!
    And I hate feeling down about career stuff but I'm so proud of you and all your recently published pieces :)

    Rosie x