Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Snapshot: What Olivia Did

Sunday Snapshot is going to be a new feature on my blog, each week I aim to do a mini interview with a blogger, photographer, fashion brand, model, musician or anybody else who I find inspiring and who I think my readers will enjoy reading about. I am really excited to start Sunday Snapshot with one of my favourite bloggers, they ever so lovely and wonderfully dressed Olivia of What Olivia Did. As you'll read she has just been nominated in the much talked about Cosmo Blogger Awards for Best Newcomer, a very deserving candidate you can vote for her here. Keep reading to see why...

First of all, what inspired you to start your blog?

I'd been browsing fashion and style blogs for a while, and after reading them and feeling pretty inspired I felt compelled to start writing mine! I was mainly talking to myself for a while, but I think the more you read the more inspired you become, so other blogs have been a real drive for me to write.

Your just about to go to University, what course are you studying and what interests you about it?

I'm about to study English with a joint Communication Studies honour, which should be exciting! I liked the fact the course combined both aspects of English, literature and media which are three things I'm extremely passionate about.

You have a really solid style, what and who do you refer to when getting dressed in the morning?

(Awwh thank you!) When I get dressed in the morning I try to dress to make me feel happy and comfortable. I've realised lately I have quite a plain and simple style, but I have learnt that no-fuss dressing works for me. If I'm feeling really uninspired I do have the tendency to go to Lookbook and see how others have styled a certain item to get me on the right track!

You have a few ‘luxury’ items, how did you come by these pieces?

I was lucky enough to be given the Mulberry Alexa for my 18th birthday this year, which I am unconditionally grateful for I couldn't believe it. I've also been given a Balenciaga by one of my bag-loving family members, which I was also incredibly excited about! I feel very lucky to have them, and haven't bought another bag since and doubt I will any time soon!

What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

In all honesty, I think it would be my Topshop Pippa jeans. I know it's a little boring but I honestly don't know where I'd be without them, they're the foundation to some of my favourite (and most comfortable) outfits.

If you could steal any girls wardrobe who would it be and why?

Hmm, this is tough! It'd probably shockingly enough be someone like Alexa Chung's, Fearne Cotton's or Drew Barrymore's! They all have extremely covetable style and some amazing pieces I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on!

Your blog seems to have grown pretty quickly, is this true and if so what do you think your formula to success has been?

In the last few months I think my blog has grown a little, which is really lovely, and I can't believe how kind people have been and supportive. I think it's been down to determination and commitment, I've recently started writing more frequently which is helped, and I also think networking with other bloggers is good as you get to know people, and they become aware of you.

What does it mean to you to be in with a chance of winning the best newcomer in the Cosmo Blog Awards?

Absolutely amazing and utterly surprising! I'm so flattered to be short-listed, as there's some amazing competition up there, but I'm thrilled that my readers have voted for me it means the world!

You occasionally do interviews with people you admire, who would you most like to interview and why?

Hmm, this is so difficult! Either one of my 'stylish ladies' above, or Alex Turner, as he is one of my favourite song writers! (No doubt I'll think of more soon though...) or even Sarah Jessica Parker... hmm!

Recently you posted some photographs you took, is this a hobby or more of a career minded endeavour?

At the moment it's more of a hobby. After studying it at A Level I recently felt a little pressured to photograph and didn't enjoy doing it so much. My friend said to me today 'sometimes it's best to keep something a hobby as you'll always enjoy it' and I think she's probably right.

One of the places you’ve blogged about going to is New York, if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Ooh this is also tricky! I've always wanted to visit Greece and it's islands. They always look so beautiful, and I've heard great things about them. Also as cheesy as it sounds, watching Mumma Mia really made me want to go haha!

Lastly what is it about blogging that you love, and where do you wish to take ‘What Olivia Did’ in the future?

There's so many lovely things to blogging, but I really love the networking side to it, as I've spoken to some really inspirational and hard working ladies who have given me a real push in writing my blog, which has been amazing. In the future, I'd just like to be as happy as I am writing the blog as I am now, and if it continues to grow all the better!


  1. I love her, she's so stylish. Love all her clothes and this is a fab post! :)

  2. Great interview, interesting to find out more about Olivia.. I love her blog! (I voted for her too :p) xx