Monday, 15 August 2011

The Perfect Sunday

After an epic and spontaneous night out as a cave girl on Saturday, pictures below, I spent the day at my best friends house. Waking up early we had dippy egg for breakfast before finding a snake in the house. It turns out the snake had escaped from my friends brothers room as he had kept it as a pet and had died behind the fridge. When the initial shock had gone and we realised it wasn't going to attack us it became absolutely hilarious.

We then picked fresh beans from the garden and peeled home grown apples to make a roast dinner and apple crumble for pudding. While it was cooking we went on a bike ride around the lovely Surrey to work up a proper appetite for the feast we were about to devour. It was such a great day and a wonderful way to recover from quite the hangover of the antics the night before...

R x


  1. the sight of all that food has made me soo hungry! Big dinners like that are always the best kind of hangover cure! Great outfit too! x

  2. That does sounds like a perfect Sunday! I would imagine finding a snake would be very scary! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. A SNAKE D: still in shock reading that haha. you look lush! i wish i could ride a bike eeek xx

  4. Such dreamy photos - the little bunny made me smile, so cute Robyn!!! x

  5. You're an AWESOME cavegirl. And your Sunday definitely does look perfect.

    Rosie x

  6. Your cavegirl outfit is awesomeee, & i want your bicycle!