Monday, 8 August 2011


I bought these four lovely rings from Lily's online blog shop JWLRY. I am not usually one for silver jewellery but I have recently eyed up lots of gorgeous pieces and bought some necklaces from work so felt I needed some rings to go with them. The set of three stone rings cost £8 and the turquoise and silver one was £4, a bargain as one ring like this alone would cost that in Topshop. Lily has lots of other great pieces too but get your orders in now as she is shutting her shop for a small while!

On a less cherry note I cannot get my head around what is going on in London at the moment. I live a short bus journey from Brixton and work on Oxford Street and it is so sad to see what is happening as it is absolutely mindless violence which is ruining peoples lives. I am also pretty scared about going up into town and am thinking of not going to work on Wednesday depending on what is happening. Stay safe!

R x


  1. The london thing is really scary!! and your rings are really pretty!!

  2. Yeah it all seems pretty mad! That is a pretty acceptable excuse for you not to go to work though, but hopefully it will stop soon.

  3. The riots are terrifying, especially how they're spreading. Hope they don't last, stay safe. x

  4. please stay inside! i wouldn't go to work either if i were you xx

  5. Pretty pretty rings! Stay safe Robyn - it's all just completely horrible.

    Rosie x