Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Floating Cinema


On Friday night my housemate Kim and I decided to have an evening out with a twist. Instead of acting on my natural disposition to go out, get wrecked and go dancing we did something a little more mature. Attending The Floating Cinema showing for Fantastic Mr Fox (which is indeed fantastic by the way) at Bromley-By-Bow we had a wonderful evening. Sitting on the river bank on a warm summers evening with a picnic blanket we had been given by the organisers, we chatted and sipped on Jacques while watching an array of people dressed up as fancy foxes turn up. The atmosphere was amazing and really great fun, the best part being that bar some snacks and drinks the entire evening was completely free! While chatting we both decided that the evening would make for an amazing date as well as a fun and chilled night out. The Floating Cinema is doing a few more showings before the weather goes completely crap so I do suggest heading over to their blog for listings and to see some amazing foxy outfits!

R x

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  1. This is like my ideal night out (provided there's lots of blankets!)