Sunday, 10 July 2011

We never had a heart to heart, but you still call me up after dark

Dress - Charity Shop
Denim Jacket - Zara
Headchain - Rock N Rose

I picked up this dress from a charity shop recently, it was £7 and is very old Topshop. I absolutely love it, despite it being a little big. The girly-ness of the the sleeves with the little frill, the ruffled bit across the waist and the length all make it perfect for those in-between weather days. It is such a great colour too and as you may have noticed there is hardly a day when I don't wear something floral.

This week I found out I officially have a job at Forever 21 starting on the 20th July, how very exciting! I quit Accessorize this week and my boss couldn't have been less bothered, not to be sour but her attitude and incompetence is one of the reasons I am leaving. Other than this I have mainly just been working and looking forward to next week during which it is my Grandmas 90th Birthday, my Graduation and I will also be seeing Mystery Jets, so there is lots to look forward to.

I have applied for a few exciting paid writing positions/internships this week too, so I will let you know if any of those come to light. I am ready to get back into writing and fulfilling my dreams after a very long time of feeling totally uninspired.

R x


  1. your charity shop dress is so pretty, plus i adore the head chain! congratulations on your new job, m'dear!


    p.s. what font have you used for your header? it's lovely!

  2. beautiful! Congrats on the F21 Job! So amaze!

  3. Brilliant news on the job, hope the discount is good haha! Loove the head chain! xo

  4. Just found your blog :) Which F21 is that? Bham? You look awesome, love love love the head chain! x

  5. Congrats on the job! Looks like you have got an exciting few weeks ahead x

  6. Congrats on the new job - I can't wait for forever 21 to open.
    Love the pretty dress and the toughened up style you have given it too. x

  7. Congrats, that'll be cool having the discount :p good luck with the writing apps, I'm sure you'll get something! (plus super jealous about the MJs) x

  8. You look lovely - and congratulations on the job too! Sally x

  9. Gorgeous outfit, and I really love your shorter fringe!

    Congratulations on the job, and good luck with the writing positions :)


  10. Yay for Forever 21 and the intern prospects :D your charity shop find is AMAZEEE,

    Rosie x

  11. gorge head chain.

    Helen, X

  12. Your hair looks uhhmazing :)

  13. Is that a new tattoo? Love it