Friday, 8 July 2011

Other Peoples Blogs: Jean Greige

Have you ever had that moment when your walking down the street and you see somebody whose look is just completely 'it'. You want to be them, steal their style and their swagger. Well today I had that feeling but with a blog, that of the California bred Madeline of Jean Greige.

A tiny, blonde and pouty inspiration, Madeline's style draws on moments from the past with a mix of current trends to create a whirlwind look of her own. I basically just really want to be her.

Check out Madeline's amazing blog here:

R x

P.S The winner of my giveaway was one lovely NaomiDee from Tangled Up In Clothes whose blog I also really enjoy!


  1. What great style. LOVE the first picture with all the jewellery x

  2. I agree, that first picture is class, she is a stylish wee thing

  3. I totally agree, she pulls of everything. When I've experimented with different styles I get irritated with myself for not knowing which I am or suits me best, but Jean definitely pulls off wander lusting in fashion xx

  4. That girl has seriously cool style, ive followed her for a while too and i want to own everything she wears
    ..and oh em geee! i've won your giveaway! i cannot wait to wear those necklaces especially the stag one. Thank you! :D

  5. aww i love this girls style, ive been following her blog for ages, her jewellery is just amaze xx

  6. wow wow wee wa
    this girl is SLAMMMMMMIN'

  7. Wow, she's amazing. Thanks for the link Robyn!
    I wish I was cool...

    Rosie x