Friday, 29 July 2011

In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering no I haven't died, I have instead been very much alive and well running around the new Forever 21 that opened on Oxford Street this week. The store is so lovely inside but I have been working 2-11pm without time to stop bar dinner and it is very, very tiring. Don't get me wrong I have worked in Topshop on Oxford Circus and the biggest H&M in London too but this is something else entirely.

On top of working my arse off I have also been packing up my shit and cleaning my house in time for moving day on Sunday. Super sad about leaving my lovely housemates but their students still and I am sadly not so I have had to say 'Goodbye' probably until the next time one of us wants a drink, but you know, house memories.

Been writing some interviews for 1883 magazine this week too, which I will show you the fruits of when they are published so look forward to that. Hopefully post again after the weekend when I get a moment to breathe!

R x


  1. running around the new forever 21 on oxford street sounds pretty amazing to me!! so jealous!! xx

  2. Oh, you must be shattered! But it's all AMAZING too,

    Rosie x

  3. oh, i really can't wait to visit forever 21 the clothes look so good and so cheap!

  4. eee i feel tired for you haha :x

  5. HEY!!

    I work at F21 too, top floor jewellery.

    Jen x

  6. Sweet gig!

    Helen, X