Saturday, 16 July 2011


Dress - h&m
Quilted Jacket - ASOS
Necklaces - Assorted
Shoes - Primark

What is this, a dress that isn't floral? I know a little different for me but I love the print of this, it kind of remind me of the Flintstones. Wearing too many necklaces as usual and my loafers. Am buying the Russel & Bromley black patent loafers on Wednesday, too much excitement. I bought this ASOS coat about a month ago now after my old Topshop one got unceremoniously pooed on by a bird on my way too work, oh the glamour! While words cannot convey my distain for heritage brands such as Barbour and Jack Wills, I love the grandpa feel of this jacket with its plaid lining, elbow patches and buttons. The fact that it has a hood just makes it even better.

Am really looking forward to the next week as it goes Today: Friends Birthday Party, Sunday: Harry Potter and Nandos with the family, Monday: Grandma's 90th family BBQ, Tuesday: Graduation, Thursday: Mystery Jets and sign for new house, Friday: First day at Forever 21.

Lots and lots going on as you can tell. Hope you all have a lovely weekend bar all this bloody rain,

R x


  1. Gorgeous outfit, love your hair so much - makes me want to cut a fringe back in to mine. x

  2. i have such hair envy for you robyn! you look lovely. i adore your jacket! xx

  3. Wow sounds like you have an amazing week lined up! Very jealous!

  4. Lovely dress and I love that necklace!!

    Love J.

  5. The hood makes it that much more amazing! And loooove the print too :)

    Rosie x

  6. i think that jacket is really interesting! i detest those kind of labels too, but with the dress, jewellery and your style, it really works! xx

  7. Love the dress, looks really cute with the coat. And the necklace is gorgeous xx

  8. just curious as to why you hate heritage brands so much???

  9. I really dislike the upper middle class connotations and the general look of Jack Willis/Barbour etc its bloody awful in my eyes!