Monday, 13 June 2011

Wildfox does Almost Famous

I have loved the film Almost Famous for such a long time now, everything about it is so perfect to me. When I read that Wildfox Couture had based their latest Lookbook on the film I couldn't help but get excited. While not all of Wildfox's clothes are for me, their Lookbooks are always amazing and the images within them are consistently beautiful and on the cusp of cool. I think the Rolling Stones t-shirt is something I might just have to save up for and bite the £80 price tag for, just the other day I was saying I wish they would tour again when I was informed next year is their 50th anniversary - too much hope! Wildfox seemed to have captured both the essence and most famous scenes of my all time favourite film perfectly, as well as that cool 70s vibe giving it a way forward from festival cool to winter wonder.

R x

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  1. oh my gosh, this is my new favorite Lookbook i think! I agree, not all of their clothes are for me, but the idea of making it themed like Almost Famous is so good!