Monday, 6 June 2011

We are Siamese if you please

Headband - ASOS
Shirt - Topshop
Leather shorts - Topshop
Lace cycling shorts - H&M
Triangle Necklace - Little Nell
Loafers - Primark

This weekend has been crazy, absolutely crazy! Friday saw me at a friends graduating art exhibition before Wetherspoons and dancing in Islington. On Saturday I went to Epsom Derby for a flutter and fun in a field with some lovely folk and a few drinks. After this I went to my friends mates multi million pounds Cribs-esque house before going to Amika in South Kensington. A night that was something I have never experienced before we saw people casually order £200 bottles of vodka amongst other craziness. Arriving back at our friends house we swam in her pool and drank in her jacuzzi as the sun came up. A completely surreal day that showed me how the other half live - one day!

To the outfit, my brother bought me this shirt of dreams from Topshop for my birthday. I am cat crazy and already have too many pieces of clothing with cats on, but one more won't hurt especially when it is this good. The headband my lovely housemates got me for my birthday too and I love it. The velvet and colour are so lush, as is the little detail on the front yay. I bought this lovely little triangle necklace from the sweet Nell's shop, go and check it out she has some sweet stuff in.

In other news I am going to Graduate Fashion Week tomorrow to help my Universities Fashion Journalism stand out, and for a catch up with the girls (and boys) too. If you see me come and say 'allo, I know lots of you guys have been about this week. Tomorrow I also find out if I won the Ibiza competition, I have been shortlisted (oh-my) so fingers, arms, legs, eyes and everything else crossed guys? I really want to win, and I know I will do a good job reporting it back. However if not I bought my Coachella 2012 ticket yesterday, plans of a two or three week trip around LA and San Francisco have me far too pleased about life right now,

R x


  1. £200 bottle of vodka, madness! Sounds like a pretty good weekend though! Love this whole look, especially the headband! xo

  2. Ah I have this top too! Haven't worn it out yet though. So expensive I'm scared I'll ruin it! Need to get a ribbon for the collar I think! x

  3. Love this look lovie :) Cat shirt suits you! Oh you will Love San Francisco, it is the most beautiful place I have been, there is this little place called sosilito which is a bus ride away( taking you over the golden gate) , lovely scenery x

  4. so jel of your life rn! ha sounds amazing. can't believe people actually pay those kinds of prices, even if i was super rich i don't think i could bring myself to do it? people are mental i swear. love the blouse eeee xxx

  5. Amazing cat top, looks perfec! Hope you win the prize, I really like your writing style! I used to go to school in South Ken and peeps would go to Boujis, sounds mental for the vodka though! x

  6. say whaaat? 200 quid for some vodka?! gotta admit i would love to try some of that but i sometimes find it hard to part with £20 for a bottle of smirnoff! sounds like you've been having an amazing time lately. love your whole outfit. that triangle necklace looks so perfect inbetween the collars xx

  7. YAYYYY you liked the turban headband :) looks amazing on you! Looking beautiful as per.


  8. I bloody love this. That headband is so lush.

    Helen, X