Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tuesdays Child

001/ Having gone through a silly amount of plain black shoes, most recently they have all been loafers, I am thinking of investing in those Russell and Bromley black patent beauties. Has anybody bought from them before, are they worth that price tag?

002/ Recently I have noticed a sort of lull, not only in my blog, but in others too. It got me wondering if there is anything you would like to see more or less of on The Robyn Diaries, and what do you like most in other peoples blogs?

003/ Spent the day today in Kingston with my friends Mirri, Hannah and Nick. It was a gloriously sunny day so we mooched about before retreating to the river side for lunch and to adore the signets swimming about. I also unexpectedly saw a young man who once meant a lot more to me than he probably ever should have. After getting over the initial shock I realised how good I am now, and how completely (ignore the cliche) over him I am. Happy!

005/ Just watched 101 Dalmatians on BBC iPlayer, how good would a remake of The Aristocats with real meows be?

005/I started a tumblr, go check it out http://robyndiaries.tumblr.com/

R x


  1. Aw I miss Kingston river side in the summer. When I still worked there we used to pop for a pint by the river after work, but I don't get the chance any more very often. Going to be popping to Kingston on Saturday though so maybe I'll take advantage of that if it's nice weather!

  2. I miss Kingston too! You look great here, and glad you came to realise you were better off without that person. I love your blog, I think you've got a good balance between everything. I am nosy though and would like to see things when you buy them xx

  3. You look so beautiful here, as per! I bought some Russell and Bromley loaves and they are now the comfiest shoe I own (bar the initial first blisters) definitely worth it! Xxx

  4. I love this photograph of you! And an Aristocats movie sounds amazing haha x

  5. I've noticed the blog lull too, hopefully it's just because a lot of people are doing exams or on holiday - not because blogs are joining myspace in the internet graveyard! I think your blog is lovely, I can't think of anything I'd want to see differently :) xx

  6. I bought the tasselled brogues for NYC didn't I and yes, they are. It's worth spending a lot/more on something like shoes as you wear them all the time. Plus, as they are real leather they don't begin to smell either!

    http://wonderfulljessie.blogspot.com x

  7. Oh my goodness!! 101 Dalmatians :) what a blast from the past, I ought to check it out! :) I used to love it as a kid, and even persuaded my parents to get a dalmatian when we were getting a puppy :)

  8. I've noticed a lull too... weird.
    And man, I think I might watch 101 Dalmations if it's still on there tonight :D
    You look wonderful here, Robyn!