Sunday, 19 June 2011

Push It In, Push It In, Pull Out

Batwing Cardigan - Topshop
T-shirt - Death from Above 1979
Floral Shorts - JOY
Lace Cycling Shorts - h&m
Belt - Accessorize
Shoes - Charity Shop

In May I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite ever bands, Death From Above 1979 live at Kentish Town Forum. Having just arrived home from New York I was horrendously jet lagged and ended up being ridiculously drunk as a result at the gig. With my friends Saima and Chris it was one of the best gigs I have ever been too, only beaten by seeing The Strokes. The gig was filled with twenty somethings who had loved the band when they first came out about five years ago going absolutely mad as if they were sixteen again. It was amazing.

As you can imagine I couldn't resist a t-shirt to remember it by, especially when it is such a cool one. I have been wearing it loads with these shorts to girl it up a bit, I've cracked out the cycling shorts again as I fully love them. The shoes I bought a few years ago but have never really worn, think they might be getting a rebirth as they are rather lovely.

How has everybody's weekend been? I had a banging Friday night, a job interview on Saturday and just seen my Brother for lunch at the OXO Tower. I also watched Camelot last night, I've become completely obsessed by it - anybody else?

R x


  1. i love your cardi, and your shorts, and your shoes...and everything! xx

  2. I love this outfit so much. I've seen those lacy shorts before and on minnie in skins and I thought they were so gross, because they looked like cycling shorts and they'd styled them so wrongly. But I love the way you wear them I can't get over how you've transformed them your shoes are so cute too.. xxx

  3. also, I'm totally tweeting this :3

  4. You look amazing darling x

  5. The shorts are BEAUTIFUL! I have yet to find a pair of floral shorts that suit me. Yours are great. you look lovely x

  6. Love all the different layers here! The cycling shorts just add so much :) and your sandals are too gorgeous,

    Rosie x

  7. I have had a very drunk weekend haha. I went to Ascot yesterday and am still recovering today. All dasy drinking does not agree with me! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend too. I have my fingers crossed you get the job!
    I love your shoes, fully agree they deserve a rebirth!

  8. Seriously loving the cycle shorts x

  9. Must get some bicycle shorts. Completely love this, especially those shoes - they're gorgeous. Good luck on the job front! :) xo

  10. Love DFA1979, love the t-shirt! And I desperately want some cycle shorts, been searching for some all lace ones for what seems like forever! Hope your interview went well :) x

  11. Love the lace cycling shorts beneath the florals...something very 90's about it.

  12. Love this outfit. your shorts look great with the cycling shorts underneath.
    My boyfriend was at the gig, he loved it too and bought the same t-shirt. He also wears it so much that I haven't managed to steal it yet!
    Oh, I feel for you getting on that 29 bus! It's a bloody nightmare!