Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm a wave in the dead of the night

Headband - Gift
Denim Vest - Zara
Dress - H&M
Lace cycling shorts - H&M
Loafers - Primark
Necklaces - Accessorize and Gogo Philip

A little outfit I wore this week while shopping with my friend Helen, I was wearing a different jacket at the time but feel this looks a lot better! I bought this dress a little while ago but have worn it loads, so comfy and flattering! I also love these cycling shorts. I first bought a black pair from ebay yonks ago but they broke so I went to h&m and bought more. On Tuesday I was lucky enough to find both the black and grey in the sale for £3 each, so I snapped them up immediately. These are great for the summer when you want to wear a dress but maybe not show off your rear end, I think the lace adds a cheeky something too.

I discovered a new band recently called Two Wounded Birds, their track Midnight Wave has been on repeat for the last few weeks. Infectious surf pop joy...

Not too much else to add, am looking forward to this weekend which will be my last as being a mega lazy slob before I work 30hrs next week and almost the same every week for the foreseeable future. Not really jumping for joy but definitely looking forward to payday and actually having something to do except watching Jeremy Kyle and Black Books,

R x


  1. I love this outfit, I need to get myself some of those cycling shorts- i can never find them in H&M though:(
    such a good idea for when wearing skater skirts, i'm always a little bit para i'll end up flashing someone! xxx

  2. Ha! I love the freeze frame on that Youtube video... death stare ;)
    Looking mega fit, Robyn!

    Rosie x

  3. Very cute miss, love the colour of the dress and those shorts are awesome!

  4. I really like the idea of these shorts too, would be perfect for going out dancing without flashing the world! Might have to try to track some down on eBay too.

  5. Love the colour of that dress! I own the black cycling shorts, perfect in this windy weather (I would've flashed so many poor people otherwise) xx

  6. Love your outfit :) Lovely blog babe! xxx

  7. really like your headband, its amazing how an acessory can add to an outfit!