Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week

Yesterday I headed down to Earls Court 2 to help out on my courses stand at Graduate Fashion Week. While handing out magazines to those who are more likely to become future students than offer those graduating a job, it was still quite an interesting experience.

It was really great to see my work published in the magazine, especially as it gets sent out to lots of important fashion industry people. My piece on the trend of bigger and bushier eyebrows coming back was also chosen as one of the piece that was displayed within the stand. This also means it will be up in the infamous Writers Block, our building at University, something which I had always thought was something I would like to achieve.

While at GFW we managed to get tickets to see some international students show their design collections, some of which I really liked. We also had a little mooch around the other stalls and checked out what the other students had produced. While doing so we saw Caryn Franklin being interviewed, although felt the previous days sighting of Henry Holland was a bit more exciting.

This stand belonged to Bournemouth and it had an amazing vintage caravan parked in it with cute garlands and sticks of rock. I really loved these horse rings, possibly a little big even for my ring obsession.

The afternoon was finished with a delicious round of food at Wagamamas, obviously. Did anybody else go, what did you enjoy most?

R x

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  1. Congrats on having your piece featured, that's amazing :)
    I wish I could have gone, it always seems to fall at the the wrong time for me. Next year I will make sure I go, cos it looks great!
    Rebecca x