Monday, 20 June 2011

DIY: Fringed T-Shirt Tutorial

You will need:
20 minutes
a t-shirt

A month or so ago I was sent this Rolling Stones T-shirt from More T Vicar which I really love as I am a massive fan. I was really busy with Uni at the time and then went to New York so I completely forgot about posting it in a outfit. Instead I have decided to do a little DIY tutorial demonstrating how to make a fringed t-shirt. It is so easy to do, and makes such a huge difference, I think this looks really cool!

1/ Decide how high you want the fringing to go and lay your t-shirt out flat

2/ Cut off the bottom seam of your t-shirt so it has a sheared edge

3/ Cut your first piece of fringing up the t-shirt to your chosen length

4/ Cut your fringing all the way round at the width of your choice


R x


  1. Love this! Your right, it does make such a huge difference! I have a long list full of tops I would like to try this on. Thanks :)

  2. I have a printed tee that I find a little boring shape-wise so might actually do this! It looks great :)

    Rosie x

  3. AWESOME tutorial, for the upcoming season of festivals and beer gardens- that is if the sun ever decides to come out :P