Saturday, 30 October 2010

Oh come on, I wanna go... skiing?

Yes! My first new hat and pair of mitten gloves of the season and they cost me a worldly £2.98. Well they were actually £12.98 but I had a £10 credit note from a faulty return - got to love it. They are both from New Look and are toasty warm. I love alpine/ski/fairisle or whatever you want to call it print, what I love even more is that my tickets to The Drums just down the road at Kentish Town Forum were waiting for my this evening upon my return from work. It is going to be totally mad party times. I am off to Bournemouth tomorrow to see one of my best friends in the entire world Miss Mirri Rowland for some Halloween scares.

Hope you've all had a good one so far,

R x

Friday, 29 October 2010

Hello, super sorry there was no Friday Favourites or Monday Mugshot over the last weekend, had a bit of a mad one and had no time to do either. As you can tell I am back on form this week so hopefully one of the following five will be something new for you to enjoy!

001/ Magazine: Cellardoor Magazine

I only discovered Cellardoor Magazine today and have totally fallen in love! Featuring plenty of gorgeous fashion shoots and up and coming talents they truely have their fingers on the pulses of all that is wonderful in the world. They have also agreed to me writing a piece for their upcoming issue which I am mad excited about, lots of hard work to be done!

New blog crush alert! The gorgeous Naomi of Tangled up in Clothes is not only completely beautiful with a slamming dress sense she also hunts down the most gorgeous photo shoots and collections to post up on her blog. I am most envious of her serious make up skills and ring collection.

003/ Music: Black Lips

Bit self indulgent this one as I am super excited about winning tickets to the Doc Martens 50th birthday bash on Friday in Shoreditch, at which Black Lips are playing. I first discovered them at Great Escape Festival in Brighton a few years back and spent the rest of the weekend singing the wrong lyrics to the track Bad Kids, the shame. Oh well, at least this time I am down with it.

004/ Clothes: Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss is not usually somebody I can abide, don't ask me why there is just something about her that doesn't sit right. I am probably just insanely jealous. Anyways, her last Topshop collection is devine and I must say I am actually excited for it's release on 2nd November, despite the fact I cannot afford any of it. Really digging all the 1970s touches such as the embroidery and fringing though which I will be attempting to work into my wardrobe on a cheaper scale.

005/ Shoes: Russel & Bromley Loafers

I pretty much live in either black or brown loafer/brogue type shoes all of which have recently busted or gotten too tatty to wear, massive fail. As such I have been looking for a more expensive and hopefully more durable investment pair and have decided upon these. I know a lot of girls have them but I think they are just adorable and awesome in all their patent glory. However at £135 they might have to one for student loan day or may Mr Christmas to provide.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

To The Maximum

Leopard Print - £48 Urban Outfitters
Marl Grey - £25.99 Zara
Floral - £25 ASOS
Snakeskin - £38 ASOS

To the maximum is how much I need a winter maxi dress like these babes above. Not just for Summer, I think maxi dresses can look amazing with a pair of boots, bit of thick knit, maybe a faux fur coat and a floppy felt hat too. I am in total love with the leopard print Urban Outfitters number but my bank account is not, pay day on friday or not, so am thinking the sweet floral one instead despite its slightly strange length. Or maybe the marl grey as then I can dress it up in all manner of outfits,

R x

Soho Snapshot

As a part of my Uni course today my friend Rosie and I took a little adventure down Soho way to have a look around and investigate a street of our choice. We chose Berwick Street as it had a pretty cool mixture of shops and looked like their might be some awesome tales to extract from the people that worked there - of course there was! We found out some wicked stuff to report back to Uni next week, which I can't tell you as I don't want people on my course to go to the same street and get the same answers. It's every girl (and gay) for themselves on our course this year it would seem, as it is our final year and there is a trip to New York for 12 lucky people next year to be fought over, more on that soon.

Anyways hope you like the pictures of our interrogating people, also if your easily offended then maybe skip down as some pictures highlight the "adult nature" of Soho.

R x

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

And now for a quick Julian Casablancas break

For the last christ knows how many years, and the last few weeks in particular I have been getting very over excited about The Strokes and in particular their dashing and painfully cool frontman Julian Casablancas. I am trying to do some University work at the moment, looking into groupies no less (what I wouldn't/would do - ha!) and thought it was apt to have a little swoon break ala Jules...

R x

Published Work: Broken Records Review for Virgin Music

Today I had another piece of work published which is pretty rad, this time for Virgin Music reviewing Broken Records second album 'Let Me Come Home' which is absolutely beautiful! You can read it on the Virgin Music Website here.

Heart wrenching, hair lifting, eye welling moments of total despair greeted by gloriously uplifting, inspiring and hopeful turns in pace are what make Broken Records second album 'Let Me Come Home'.

Starting life in frontman Jamie Sutherland’s kitchen, those acoustic snippets have chased through gusty corridors and snapped open doors with an emotional blast of presence. Broken Records are a gnarling whirl of wild passion, hailing from Edinburgh those Scottish roots shine clear in the most elegant yet often aggressive inflections.

A deep and simmering start to the album sets a somewhat ravaging tone for the rest while glimmering moments such as 'A Darkness Rises Up' lift the album to peaks of unencumbered jubilance. Quick guitar rifts, layered with peeking string sections and high piano notes contrast to the deeply overpowering sadness of the lyrics they are set to. A midway break down of pounding drums and piano are played off against the delicate sound of Sutherland’s voice.

Other stand out tracks include the aching 'I Used To Dream', a piano led ballad of broken love and racing thoughts. Followed by the more spirited 'You Know Your Not Dead' a crimson sound of comforting elevation.

Broken Records second offering 'Let Me Come Home' is the perfect sound for the oncoming Winter. Images of walking down a leave littered street on an early dark night, snuggled up in a scarf and thick coat are exactly the type of listening this gorgeous record was made for.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Love Lace Creations

Ever since I have been old enough to consider it I have fancied myself as a bit of a entrepreneur. I have always wanted to make and sell my own jewellery, it just appears to me as something I would really enjoy doing, much better than working my cobs off at Topman for not very much at all.

So here we have it - Love Lace Creations, my very own jewellery line. For now it shall just be rings until I can source some more bits and bobs and piece together some necklaces. I also plan to do silver pieces too, as I know many people prefer it to gold. I try to keep prices affordable so all the pieces below range from £4 to £5.50 a steal I am sure you will agree.

Let me know your thoughts and what you would like to see.

R x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bethnal Greens Affordable Vintage Fair

Today was my first Sunday off work and off doing anything else in the longest time, around a year. So to celebrate I had a bit of a lay in and then headed down to Bethnal Green for the Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair that was going down. At a cheapy £2 entrance I really enjoyed just having a nose around and seeing all the bits and bobs for sale, as well as some gorgeous outfits! It's nearly pay day which means I don't have any spare cash for clothes, however I saw lots of pretty florals, furs and denim for sale amongst hoards of jewels. The fair was so busy it was sometimes really hard to actually see what was on sale, however the hustle and bustle was really fun, kind of reminded me of Christmas?!

Below is a little snap of what I wore, the gorgeous Topshop studded Peter Pan dress I blogged about a few weeks ago. It was £120 down to £60 in the sale, and my mum being amazing as she is decided to buy it for me to cheer me up from feeling really ill and bogged down over the last month of so, thank you! It's gorgeous! I also swapped over the boots in the post below for these bad boys as they had broken, and I also felt I needed some new heels in my life and these are definitely the ones!

Hope you've all had a sexy Sunday, and have a good evening..

R x