Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Published Work: Broken Records Review for Virgin Music

Today I had another piece of work published which is pretty rad, this time for Virgin Music reviewing Broken Records second album 'Let Me Come Home' which is absolutely beautiful! You can read it on the Virgin Music Website here.

Heart wrenching, hair lifting, eye welling moments of total despair greeted by gloriously uplifting, inspiring and hopeful turns in pace are what make Broken Records second album 'Let Me Come Home'.

Starting life in frontman Jamie Sutherland’s kitchen, those acoustic snippets have chased through gusty corridors and snapped open doors with an emotional blast of presence. Broken Records are a gnarling whirl of wild passion, hailing from Edinburgh those Scottish roots shine clear in the most elegant yet often aggressive inflections.

A deep and simmering start to the album sets a somewhat ravaging tone for the rest while glimmering moments such as 'A Darkness Rises Up' lift the album to peaks of unencumbered jubilance. Quick guitar rifts, layered with peeking string sections and high piano notes contrast to the deeply overpowering sadness of the lyrics they are set to. A midway break down of pounding drums and piano are played off against the delicate sound of Sutherland’s voice.

Other stand out tracks include the aching 'I Used To Dream', a piano led ballad of broken love and racing thoughts. Followed by the more spirited 'You Know Your Not Dead' a crimson sound of comforting elevation.

Broken Records second offering 'Let Me Come Home' is the perfect sound for the oncoming Winter. Images of walking down a leave littered street on an early dark night, snuggled up in a scarf and thick coat are exactly the type of listening this gorgeous record was made for.


  1. you are such an amazing writer... I always struggle to write music reviews but your words are so beautiful...